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Fornales Softail shocks adjust

By Jim


Fournales air shocks are th ducks guts when set up properly....but coz they work on high pressure up to 450psi at low volume, iv found that even th slightest of pisssst when disconnecting after pumping up th shock can mean a significant loss of after scouring th net I found this "Works no air loss connecton" on you tube

I ordered it from the States and after two weeks it rocked today I hooked it up on the end of the "rare as hens teeth" Fournales high pressure floor pump I'd found on eBay months ago...each Softail shock has two Schrader type valves, one for preload, one for height after releasing all air from each of the valves I hooked up the pump and "works" adapter to the two preload valves first and pumped to the required 365psi for my weight...then the two height valves to no loss connection inline with the pump worked a treat, not losing any air whatsoever when disconnecting from each of the for once I seem to have scored a winner for $58AU delivered.. :)










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