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Front Wheel setup 2

Well after much sweating and swearing its on...

Nothings easy, buy 3/4 washers from Bunning's that aint a 3/4 inch hole, and have to grind out 4 of them...

The hard part was getting the spacers right, on and off 10 times...still gotta pull the axel one more time to add spacers(3/4" washer) to the lhs when looking at the bike from the front.

I see the secret with front wheels is setting the spacers on the rhs when looking at the bike, to get it central between the forks, then

having enough spacers on the lhs so the axel doesn't 'bottom' on its shoulder in the rh fork...That worked out earlier it would've been a lot easier.

Not sure if I prefer it to the spoke, and Ill probably have to do something with the guard, but we'll see how it goes for a while.

Thanks to my mate Moose for the free whitewall, damn Im lucky sometimes....



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