Dyna Footboards

Due to an unwanted flying experience  a few years ago, my right leg doesn't like staying on footpegs anymore. I put a set of small footboards on a while ago, but because they were on a bit of an angle, it still wasn't perfect. Used to get a few laughs when the leg goes flying at 140k...boot hits the road, gets flung backwards, major wobble occurs...not a perfect situation. Then J&P Cycles send me a catalogue out of the blue, didn't think I needed to buy anything, but then I see these footboards that mount to standard wide glide forward controls. Off to the PC and had em a week later...bout $230 with postage.

Adjustable for height at 2 points, and easy to fit.

Scraped this one last week, so need to lift it a 1/2"

These are the shaker style with the rubbers set up on isolators for less vibration..


haven't scraped this side yet...







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