A Small Progression

Ive needed new shocks since I bought the bike new in 94. The original Harley ones then were never much good with my weight on em. Add a 60kg g/f and 400odd lbs(185kgs) all up was just tooo much...I scoured Ebay and found a company selling Progressives for $169.95 US, add $70 for postage and they were mine for just over $300 Aus. Only took a week to get here too, and they're Heavy Duty, which is whats recommended if ya rider is over 200lbs.Progressives got a good site... http://www.progressivesuspension.com/shocks.html thatll tell ya what model you need for your bike depending on yr weight etc...



Fitting shocks is pretty easy, I put a jack under the back of the frame to take some weight of em, and just did one side at a time...Pull the nuts top and bottom and pull...

Have a look from the rear as ya do it before you tighten up the nuts to see theyre straight, you may need a washer or two top or bottom.


Look pretty much like stock (didn't go for the aluminum bodied ones cos I'm too tight...) cept the springs are obviously thicker...I noticed that with old ones the back of the bike could be leant on and they'd depress, these ones hardly move even when I sit on em. There's 6 adjustments, I've taken these up to the 4th to see how it goes..


Just another pic to fill up space....





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