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Shopping centre shooting victim instigated brawl


A SENIOR Bandidos bikie shot at a Gold Coast shopping centre last year after his tattoo parlour was peppered with bullets instigated Friday's wild bikie brawl.

Southport Magistrates Court heard Jacques Teamo sparked the brawl when he walked into a Broadbeach restaurant with a "lynch mob".

He was there to confront Finks bikie gang associate Jason Trouchet and allegedly told him: "This is it."

The court heard Trouchet started a fight to attract police attention as he feared he would be led "down a dark alley" and "end up in a coffin".

Trouchet, 39, and associate Matthew Sward, 25, appeared in court yesterday charged with affray.

Opposing bail, police prosecutor Senior-Constable Nick Wang told the court about 60 Bandidos bikies wearing gang colours entered the precinct "intimidating members of the public by their sheer presence".

He said the Bandidos entered the Aura restaurant and had a heated exchange with Trouchet and Sward.

A fight erupted and spilt outside, forcing families to cower in terror.

Sen-Constable Wang said Trouchet needed to be kept behind bars for his own protection and the public's.

When magistrate Ron Kilner suggested Trouchet should have called police or fled the restaurant, his defence lawyer Jason Jacobson replied his client was surrounded.

Trouchet and Sward were granted bail, with Trouchet ordered to go back to the Northern Territory and Sward banned from Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise.






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