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 Gold Coast bikie brawl instigator Jacques Teamo

has handed himself in to police.

The senior Bandidos bikie walked into Southport police station accompanied by his lawyer Chris Hannay just after 9am on Tuesday.

He was named in Southport Magistrates Court as the leader of a 'lynch mob' of 60 Bandidos who terrorised the Gold Coast on Friday night.

BIKIE BRAWL: Target boasts 'You see any marks on my face?'

Teamo allegedly walked into a Broadbeach restaurant and told Finks bikie gang associate Jason Trouchet, "This is it."

Trouchet's lawyer told the court his client feared he would be "led down a dark alley ... and end up in a wheelchair or coffin" and started fight with the Bandidos to attract police attention.

Teamo was shot during a confrontation with a Finks rival at Robina Town Centre last year, a week after his Mermaid Beach tattoo parlour was peppered with bullets.

VIOLENCE: Policewoman targeted by bikies


Jacques Teamo.

Jacques Teamo. Source: Supplied


Speaking outside the police station, Teamo's lawyer Chris Hannay said his client was facing "significant charges" including rioting and a break and enter charge.

"We anticipate doing a bail application for him and then we'll wait and see what the brief says and go from there," Mr Hannay said.

He said Teamo disputed the allegations against him and would be defending the charges "at this stage.

Mr Hannay said Teamo was a family man and regretted the public terror the bikie brawl had caused.

"His circumstances are it's not for him to cause dramas in (Broadbeach) or anywhere else," he said.

Mr Hannay said he believed planned new laws to crack down on outlaw bikie gangs were overkill.

"I think Queensland's over-governed," he said.

"Certainly if they want to bring in some new consorting-type laws well that's a matter for themselves. From my perspective, I think the (Police) Commissioner's got enough resources."

Mr Hannay said many bikies were leaving gangs and "going off to do their own thing with their own families".

Police have also arrested another Bandido who was brought to Southport watch-house.

He is expected to face court later charged with rioting.

Police have now arrested 21 bikie gang members over the brawl and a later siege at Southport police station.


Accused Bandido bikie brawler Richy Chapman is led into Southport Watchhouse.

Accused Bandido bikie brawler Richy Chapman is led into Southport Watchhouse. Source: CourierMail


In other news, a bikie gang member is warning that Queensland's proposed anti-gang laws will turn honest bikies to crime.

Outlaw motorcycle gangs like the Finks and the Bandidos could find themselves banned from their own clubhouses within weeks as the State Government moves to run them out of Queensland.

New laws being drawn up in response to Friday's violence on the Gold Coast include wide-ranging bans on bikies - from where they work to what they wear when they go out.

United Motorcycle Council member Russell "Camel'' Watie warns that tough laws will push more bikies to the fringes of the law.

"Well you have to put food on the table, roof over the head, feed your family,'' he told ABC Radio.

"What are you going to do? You can't survive on the dole.

"Do they want us to only have crime?

"Is that the position they see for us so then they can say 'look we were right, we were justified in doing that because now they're criminals all the time','' said Mr Watie.

Bikie target brags: No marks on my face

Policewomen targeted in gang brawl

Broadbeach brawl leads to war on bikies

The legislative attack is designed to complement a police blitz on the Glitter Strip even bigger than the one that followed the slaying of Coast detective Damian Leeding.

One hundred police reinforcements will be sent to the Gold Coast in coming days, with the first batch of 50 to arrive tomorrow to form a new taskforce to tackle crime which tourism leaders said was ruining the city's reputation.

Proposed legislation to be introduced at the next parliamentary sittings could name individual gangs to allow police to move swiftly against members.

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said the bans would apply to gatherings of bikies, the ownership and operation of tattoo parlours, and the wearing of club colours in licensed venues.

He said the amendments to existing Criminal Organisation legislation would send a "loud and clear message to criminal groups that they are not welcome in Queensland".

"We have drawn a line in the sand and said enough is enough," Mr Bleijie added.

Members of criminal gangs would also be banned from working as tattooists, and specific locations would be made off-limits including their own clubhouses and the entertainment precincts such as Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach.

Acting Premier Jeff Seeney said they fully expected the organisations to challenge the legislation.

"We are very aware these people are well resourced and that they will challenge whatever we do," Mr Seeney said.

"They will be challenged in the courts, and in terms of the behaviour they adopt.

"These criminal gangs operate using fear and intimidation."

Angry senior police yesterday revealed "cowardly" bikies who went on the rampage on the Coast at the weekend terrorised families and deliberately targeted policewomen with violence.

Gold Coast acting Assistant Commissioner Steve Hollands, said the latest eruption of bikie violence, in which gang members brawled openly at Broadbeach and then laid siege to Southport police station, was "totally unprecedented".

He said police had been caught out by a lack of intelligence about the planned bashing of a Finks bikie gang associate by 60 Bandidos bikies.

"We did the best we could under the circumstances with the staff we had,'' he said.

New laws will include mandatory minimum sentences of a year's jail for the serious assault of police, Mr Bleijie said.

Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan said the Commonwealth was ready to assist.

The State and Federal Government commitment was quickly welcomed by Queensland Police Union acting president Shayne Maxwell, who said officers had responded wholeheartedly to the call for reinforcements on the Gold Coast.

- additional reporting by Robyn Ironside, AAP






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