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'It's on big time': Bandidos

BANDIDO insiders say a violent Broadbeach brawl was a warning to rivals - "it's game on".

However, they have denied any claims of direct tensions with the Finks, saying last Friday night's altercation was with a man who had attacked members of their gang.

Club members told the Bulletin the terrifying brawl was definitely their way of "sending a message" that it was Bandido territory.

"It's a message that Broadbeach and Mermaid Beach are Bandido territory and stay out if you're going to mess with us," said a patched member.

"It's going to be enforced.

"If anyone touches our guys in jail, it's on big time."

Senior bikies said the intended target of the brutal attack was a relative newcomer to the Gold Coast who was not a member of an outlaw motorcycle gang but was protected by the Finks.

They said the man had attacked Bandido members while they were with family in recent weeks.

The final straw was when he leapt out of a car with an associate armed with a handgun and attacked a Bandido member while he was taking his two kids for a haircut in the middle of the day at Mermaid Beach.

Club sources say the man "went into hiding" until Friday night when he was spotted dining at Aura, on Surf Parade in Broadbeach.

A hundred bikies swarmed into the precinct with 20 walking into the popular bar and escorting the man out while 80 blocked his exit by standing across roads, the nearby park and even on the beach.

"He goes around bashing members when they are with their families and then goes and has dinner in Broadbeach," said a senior Bandido.

"The boys were polite enough to not start it inside but when he was on his way out he started throwing punches.

"Then he got pumped. He's lucky the cops showed up when they did."

Club sources say they want him driven out of town.

"No one attacks a Bandido, especially when his kids are with him," said one member.

"It's our turf, we know everyone ... we get phone calls from club owners and restaurants telling us what's happening."

Club insiders said they did not expect any retaliation over Friday night's attack because the man they had targeted was not acting on behalf of another gang.

Eighteen bikies were arrested and seven people were injured, including four police officers, during the Broadbeach brawl which led to up to 50 bikies engaging with police outside Southport Police Station on Scarborough St.

Club sources say members went to the watchhouse to ensure those arrested were safely released without retaliation from other clubs but a fight erupted when officers allegedly started pushing them and using batons and Tasers.

Police have responded by deploying a special taskforce and saturating the Gold Coast with extra officers.

Following Friday night's violent clash in Broadbeach senior Bandidos say they are ready to go head to head with the Finks .

Police have responded by deploying a special taskforce and saturating the Gold Coast with extra officers in a bid to ease gang tensions.





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