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Comanchero boss Jay Malkoun sells up for new life overseas

Jay Malkoun

Comanchero bikie gang boss Jay Malkoun has put a $1.9 million-plus price tag on his Docklands penthouse apartment. Source: HeraldSun

COMANCHERO bikie gang boss Jay Malkoun has put his Docklands penthouse apartment on the market and has set up a new life overseas.

Malkoun - who police believe declared earnings of only $30,000 for the 2011-12 financial year - has put a $1.9 million-plus price tag on the property, which is located off Flinders St.

The convicted heroin trafficker left Australia several weeks ago, handing over the Victorian presidency of the gang to his right-hand man, Mick Murray.

Police are aware that Malkoun - who served 10 years in jail for trafficking - has left Australia with his family for an extended stay overseas. He is believed to be in Dubai.

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Malkoun's palatial four-bedroom penthouse at Flinders Wharf is beside Victoria Police headquarters.

It was initially listed as a rental property before being put up for sale.

It offers sweeping views of the city skyline, the Yarra and Southbank, and a 600 square metre terrace for entertaining, which even includes a children's sprint track.

Malkoun does business internationally and drives a Maserati, despite his declared low income. Victoria Police has sought greater co-operation from the Australian Tax Office, but sources say they are often stonewalled.


Jay Malkoun


New Comanchero boss Murray is the Hallam chapter president.

He formerly ran a company called Nitro Security, and police taskforce Echo is investigating his security industry ties.

Malkoun has been linked with CBD strip club Spearmint Rhino, though he has no official links to the business, and has several shelf companies in his name.

A 2010 police investigation into Malkoun's activities disintegrated after he was made aware of it. It is believed he may have been tipped off by corrupt police.

Associates of Malkoun, including a pilot, were questioned.

Several Comanchero bikies have found themselves thrown out of the gang after falling foul of the law, including over a large drug trafficking operation that allegedly involved an office bearer of the club.

Malkoun, who is a friend of Mick Gatto, was once threatened by an underworld figure, currently facing charges.

The man placed a bullet on Spearmint Rhino's bar and told a staffer to tell Malkoun it was for him.

It is believed Malkoun remains a member of the Comancheros, but has taken the enforcer rank of sergeant-at-arms even though he is overseas.

He came to power suddenly three years ago.

It is understood that the then incumbent club president stood down after becoming ill.

An incident in which a Bandido bashed a Comanchero in Clarendon St, South Melbourne, which was not met with any retaliation, also contributed to ructions within the club.

Malkoun has left the country as Melbourne has become embroiled in heightened tensions between bikie gangs, particularly between the Hells Angels and Bandidos.

There have been no shooting deaths involving bikies in Melbourne since 2008, but there have been growing tensions between clubs. "No-go" areas have been established.

The Bandidos have been weakened by two senior members handing in their colours.

Last week a bomb was exploded outside the Bandidos' clubhouse in Dandenong, shortly after the fortified premises was sprayed with bullets.

There are suspicions the Hells Angels were behind it.

An Angels' feeder club, the Red Devils, have been growing and there are fears of problems with established groups.

In recent months the Rebels attempted to open a clubhouse in Port Melbourne, only for the Finks to shut it down.


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