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Crackdown on Ipswich Bandidos

IPSWICH police have vowed to crack down on outlaw motorcycle gangs as the State Government moves to introduce legislation targeting crime gangs.

The State Government said members of organised crime groups would face mandatory penalties, bans and losing their bikes or vehicles.

It follows the latest outlaw motorcycle gang incident on the Gold Coast when there was a violent brawl at Broadbeach on Friday night.

Ipswich Inspector Keith McDonald said police in the district planned to step up activity targeting bikies.

"Our focus now, like everywhere else in Queensland, will be a focus on outlaw motorcycle gangs," Insp McDonald said.

"The enforcement of their movements will be subject to increased activity and if they are committing breaches of the traffic laws or criminal laws they will be dealt with appropriately according to that legislation.

"Any outlaw motorcycle gang members who move through the Ipswich police district will be the subject of increased enforcement activity."

He said there was a branch of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club in Ipswich.

"Any outlaw motorcycle gang is significant in relation to their activities," he said.

"The fact is they are here and their activities are always closely monitored.

"They're certainly going to be more closely monitored now and there will be an increase in enforcement activity against them in line with the Premier's and the Commissioner's commitments.

"Some of them run legitimate businesses and in some cases illegal businesses, which have an enormous impact on health of the community.

"Outlaw motorcycle members have to understand the law is applied equally to everyone in the state of Queensland.

"Unfortunately, they have shown on the Gold Coast that some of them have the perception they are above the law.

"We obviously want to send an impression to them that they are not above the law and the law will be delivered equally to them as it is to every other member of the community."

Bandidos history

  • Bandidos Motorcycle Club Australia was formed in 1983.
  • The original members were ex-Comanchero Motorcycle Club members.
  • The first US Bandidos club was formed in 1966.





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