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Bikie beer ban set in stone

ALISON BEVEGE   |  April 3rd, 2013


A police roadblock south of Tennant Creek in preparation for 200 bikies coming to Darwin for a meeting on April 5. Picture: BARRY NATTRASS / TENNANT AND DISTRICT TIMES

LICENSING laws are to be changed permanently so no NT pub can serve bikies wearing colours ever again.

The NT News yesterday revealed an emergency directive was rushed through to stop the 200 Hells Angels now heading to Darwin from having a beer in uniform.

But it only lasts until April 11.

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Business Minister David Tollner has recommended the motion to Cabinet and the move will become a permanent rule for all pubs as soon as it passes Parliament.

The move could see young backpackers trying to throw bikies out of pubs.

Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers union branch secretary Matthew Gardiner said such laws could cause tension.

"It puts people in confrontational positions for no real reason," he said. The Hells Angels are on a run to Darwin for a bikie convention on April 5.

Kulgera Roadhouse's Tina Gausden said some had asked about taking off their colours, but they had been polite about it.

"The guys that have come through here have all been very well-mannered and friendly," she said.

Ms Gausden said she had only seen "dribs and drabs" of the 200-strong contingent at her premises, 21km from the South Australian border, and was wondering where they all were.

Operation Sitara Commander Wayne Harris said outlaw motorcycle gangs were a concern as they were involved in extortion, murders, stealing and drugs.

Cmdr Harris said there had been significant trouble interstate between the Hells Angels and other motor- cycle gangs.

The Hells Angels have a long-running feud with the Bandidos, prompting Victoria's Barwon Prison to segregate club members in its maximum security division.

The Finks of Alice Springs are allied to the Bandidos.

Cmdr Harris would not specify whether police were worried about trouble with the Finks.

He said they were not expecting a clash with the Rebels, or with outlaw motorcycle gangs in general, but hundreds of NT Police have been mobilised to blockade the Hells Angels, setting up multiple roadblocks.

Your Say

"This law is a very dangerous step in controlling all of our lives. By obvious extension the next move will be to ban football or other sports apparel. Apparel or adornments which identify a person as belonging to a particular religion. Who knows where it will stop. At the end of the day it isn't illegal to be a bikie, just as it isn't currently illegal to be a member of a particular sporting or cultural group. This is seriously a dangerous step into murky territory. "


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