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Bikie boss fights gang patchovers

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THE Brisbane president of Highway 61 yesterday vowed to "die with his colours on" as he fights to maintain control of the outlaw motorcycle gang.

This week the Bulletin exclusively revealed members of the New Zealand gang would patch over to the Bandidos MC.

The president, who refused to give his name, claimed he would do "whatever it takes" to stop members going to the rival club.

The membership boost would give the Bandidos a huge advantage against arch-rivals the Hells Angels, but the Highway 61 president yesterday said he would fight to keep his patch alive.

"I will die in my colours," he said. "My members will not patch over.

"If they try, I will deal with it. They will not be fit to ride a bike."

Despite his denials, gang sources maintained it was a "done deal" and only the diehard members would stay loyal to Highway 61.

The patchover follows moves in New Zealand where the Bandidos have established the south Auckland chapter headed by former 61 president Kelly Raymond Robertson.

The one-time 61 hard man has been recruiting former clubmates as part of the takeover of the Kiwi gang and the Brisbane and Gold Coast members are expected to follow suit.

The former president of Highway 61's Otahuhu chapter, Robertson is familiar with the inner machinations of motorcycle clubs and has a reputation for brokering deals between them.


New Zealand clubs have been ripe for takeover with Kiwi gang the Tribesmen patching over to the Rebels in 2011.

Sources said it was "inevitable" that the Queensland Highway 61 chapters would follow the New Zealand lead.

"They might not like it and claim they are staying strong to Highway 61, but they've already gone over in New Zealand," they said.

"Everyone knows it's coming."

The Bulletin has also learned that at least 10 members of the Nomads outlaw gang are expected to switch to rival clubs and senior club figures are resisting the move.

Members have been negotiating with local leaders of the Finks and the Rebels.

The potential increase in membership and power has stunned police who said it was a "disturbing development" which would see a major shift in the Gold Coast underworld.

The Nomad defection is believed to be part of a national shift, with at least two Sydney Nomad chapters patching over to the Rebels as the under-siege club is battered by a bitter feud with the Hells Angels.

Gang sources confirmed that gang members "around the country" have approached the Finks for membership -- including on the Gold Coast.

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