The man accused of the Robina Town Centre shooting in 2012 feared for his life after his victim came at him with a knife.

Mark James Graham, 27, has applied for bail at Southport Magistrates Court after being committed to stand trial on Wednesday for his actions in the shooting at the Gold Coast shopping centre.

Magistrate John Costanzo has deferred his decision on the bail application until Thursday as he seeks further submissions on the case.

Graham, who visiting Queensland for his daughter’s birthday, has been charged with attempted murder and unlawful wounding after Jacques Teamo was shot in the left arm.

The Melbourne-based Finks motorcycle gang member is also charged with the unlawful wounding of a female bystander.

Bandidos member Teamo has already been convicted and fined after admitting he pulled out a knife during the altercation between the two bikie gang members.

At Wednesday’s hearing, Graham’s barrister David Edwardson said it was his client’s belief that his life was in peril which had resulted in the shooting.

‘‘Things are different to the way they were initially perceived by the media and presented by the police,’’ Mr Edwardson told the court.

‘‘There’s no doubt a confrontation between two people, both armed, is a serious matter, particularly in a public place.

‘‘It’s clear now on the totality of evidence, including video footage and still photography, that the question of self-defence is fairly and squarely raised in the defence brief.’’

Rejecting Graham’s self-defence claims, police prosecutor Peta Eyschen formally opposed bail, saying the offences were of a serious nature.‘‘Unfortunately an innocent victim was hurt in this incident,’’ Ms Eyschen told the court.

‘‘The strength of evidence in this case is an important aspect.’’

Witnesses to the shooting confirmed to the court Teamo had been holding a knife before the shooting occurred and both men had been engaged in a loud verbal argument.

One witness told police in a statement Teamo had ‘‘smiled and laughed’’ after he was shot, the court heard.

Detective Senior Constable Brandon James told the court Teamo had ‘‘minimally’’ assisted police with their investigations and had refused to provide a statement on the shooting.

The date of Graham’s trial will be notified by the state director of public prosecutions.