Bikies war in Beenleigh's backyard

Yahoo!7 November 2, 2012, 6:57 pm


The first statewide police review of outlaw motorcycle gang activity has revealed club numbers are increasing in Queensland.

New clubs are crossing the border with violence in the south east escalating between rival members.

Beenleigh is the latest bikie battleground.

Renegade club members warn they’re preparing to defend their colours patch.

In an exclusive interview with Seven News the Renegades president has threatened payback, after one of his members was attacked.

For 14 years the Renegades have displayed their colours or ‘patch’ in Beenleigh.


Ripping the patch of a rival bikie’s back is one of the biggest insults which can be inflicted on a club.

Renegades Club president Lofty said the patch is worn with pride – now he’s planning to defend it.

Lofty said last Saturday three bikies from the Rebels club attacked a lone Renegades rider and stole his patch in Beenleigh.

“It doesn’t get much more serious than that.”

According to the police, it does.

Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett said where ever bikie gangs have a presence, they are a problem.

“We’ve identified that outlaw motorcycle gangs are the highest level threat to the community,” Mr Barnett said.

“We are paying particular attention to obviously the Renegades and the Rebels in relation to this matter.”

The first statewide operational review of bike activity has revealed outlaw motorcycle gang have been most active in the south east region in the past year.

“We’ve arrested 251 members and associates on about 650 very serious criminal drug charges.”

The review uncovered disturbing new trends, recruitment drives are becoming more aggressive and targeting younger males from central and eastern European backgrounds.

New clubs are crossing the border into Queensland and more members have regular employment.

“Those people have legitimate jobs in the mining and construction sectors we just want to make sure that that’s not an introduction for the gangs to involve them in criminal activity.

“They break the law; they’ll get the appropriate attention.”