Motorcycle club threatens to sue police

ABC Updated November 2, 2012, 3:16 pm


The Tramps Motorcycle Club is threatening legal action against Victoria Police after some members had their gun licences suspended and weapons seized in August.

Police raided the homes of nine club members in Wangaratta, claiming that they were no longer fit and proper persons under the Firearms Act.

Club lawyer John Suta says no charges were laid and none of the members have criminal records.

"The reason given in those notices as to why they were no longer fit and proper persons was because they were members of a so-called outlaw motorcycle gang," he told ABC local radio.

He says the group is not an outlaw motorcycle gang and the guns are used for legitimate rural or work purposes.

"The majority of them have farms. They use them for hunting, vermin and recreational [purposes]," he said.

"Members of the club are motorcycle enthusiasts.

"Their credo is one, motorcycles, two, riding them and three, having a beer together."

He believes police have confused the club with an outlaw motorcycle gang and they have applied to police to get the licences and the weapons back.

"Enough's enough. Either take the licences or give them back. Why the procrastination," Mr Suta said.

"If we don't have an answer very, very soon, we'll seek our legal redress through the Supreme Court."