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Ex-Hydra cop joins Hells Angels defence


QUEENSLAND police have been left red-faced after one of their crack anti-bikie cops quit to work for a law firm that represents the Hells Angels.

Nick Crawford, a former detective sergeant with the elite Hydra taskforce, resigned from the QPS this year to join Brisbane's Rostron Carlyle Solicitors, which acts for the notorious international outlaw motorcycle group.

Sources said Mr Crawford was a lead investigator into bikie activities and was involved in the first application to declare the Gold Coast Finks a criminal organisation.

Senior police fear Mr Crawford will expose to senior Hells Angels the inner workings of Hydra and the methodology it uses to investigate gangs.

Mr Crawford is not the only police officer to shift to the lucrative world of private enterprise, with former cops also advising the Bandidos and Finks, sources said.

The Hydra detective's former workmates have raised concerns his move could be a conflict of interest.

Neither Mr Crawford nor Rostron Carlyle would comment yesterday.

The Queensland Criminal Organisation Act prohibits former police from acting for a group they know, or ought to know, is a criminal organisation.

Under that section, it would be illegal for Mr Crawford to act directly for the Hells Angels.

Police sources yesterday were critical of the move.

"Well why not with the way our Government is with cash at the moment and all the backflips on promises starting. The GC police have to nearly phone the Commissioner personally to get operational overtime approved and no worthy pay increase likely in the future. It has happened before and it will happen again. "


"No amount of money in the world could get me to work for the bikies," one officer said.

"Going over to the law is one thing but to work for a firm that represents the Hells Angels?

"It's an outright insult."

Another senior detective described the move as a "betrayal".

"It goes against everything we stand for. It's a smart move on the bikies' part -- they now have an insight into how we work, the methodology of our investigations and what we need to secure a conviction," he said.

"It will make things that much harder for police."

Since its inception in the US in 1940, the Hells Angels -- which now boasts 230 chapters in 27 countries -- has adopted a corporate approach to its business dealings despite a ruthless reputation. The gang carefully guards its name and skull logo, which are trademarked.

In 2006 the Californian chapter of the gang sued Walt Disney for trademark infringement, complaining its logo was used in the film Wild Hogs.

In 2009 the former owner of clothing maker Mambo was forced to apologise to the Hells Angels in Australia for two trademark breaches involving children's clothing emblazoned with "Heavens Angels" and a skull with wings.



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