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Police show force around Bandidos bikies clubhouse in West End, Brisbane

POLICE have descended on the Bandidos bikies clubhouse in West End. in inner Brisbane as the war on bikies ramps up.

A patched member of the Bandidos has been arrested near the West End club house tonight over his alleged involvement in last week's Gold Coast bikie brawl.

Police have swarmed on Kurilpa St and Montague Rd this evening in a show of force against the outlaw motorcycle gang.

Acting Chief Superintendent Jim Keogh said police "were of the understanding that Bandidos were coming to the clubhouse tonight."

"As a result, we have arrested one offender here who we believe was involved in the melee down the Gold Coast on Friday night," he told reporters.

He said the man was arrested as he approached the West End clubhouse alone.

While Acting Chief Supt Keogh would not specify the number of police who have flooded the streets, conducting RBTs, he said the manpower was "vast".

West End raid

Police stop motorists in West End. Picture: Mark Calleja

"Numbers-wise, this was certainly the most police resources I have used in actioning any outlaw motorcycle gang," he said.

Acting Chief Supt Keogh said the message was simple: "they couldn't behave themselves with the law, so they'll wear the full force of the law".

He said word of tonight's operation obviously spread among members -- and they decided not to show.

"That doesn't mean we are not going to go after them and continue to go after them," he said.

"We are prepared for anything and everything."

He said the local community were all too aware of the bikie problem and were "supportive of the crackdown".
He said members could "absolutely" expect more.

West End raid

A SERT Armored vehicle in West End. Picture: Mark Calleja

"This is reserved for the scourge of society and it is being addressed as such," he said.

"Look, if you belong to a criminal motorcycle gang and you want to partake in criminal activity, of course you've got to expect this."

Dozens of police blocked off Kurilpa Street, Montague Road and Ferry Street.

Some of the police are heavily armed and have reportedly  surrounded the clubhouse in Montague Road. Armoured vehicles are also in the area.

Police are breath testing drivers in the streets surrounding the Bandidos clubhouse. 

Police have established a RBT site and are intercepting vehicles heading along Montague Rd and on Kurilpa St.

West End raid

AN armoured police vehicle on patrol in West End.

A police media spokeswoman could only confirm there was an operation being carried out that is "sensitive".

Earlier it was reported that Queensland will be the first state to get a new federal anti-gang squad in a direct response to bikie violence on the Gold Coast.

The Abbott Government says it will establish a Queensland 'strike team' as part of a National Anti-Gang Taskforce within months.

The team will include officers from the Australian Federal Police, Australian Crime Commission, Queensland Police Service and Australian Taxation office.

Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan joined Queensland Police Minister Jack Dempsey and state and federal police brass to announce the plan in park opposite a Broadbeach restaurant where bikies rioted last weekend.

ACC officers will also be embedded in the QPS to provide top-level intelligence on outlaw bikie gangs.

"The criminal activity of outlaw motorcycle gangs is not limited by state and federal boundaries and as such requires a tough and uncompromising national approach," he said.

Mr Dempsey said the anti-gang squad would help 'strike at the heart' of bikie gangs.

"Their days are numbered," he said.

Earlier it was reported, that security had been stepped up at State Government buildings in Brisbane's CBD in response to the bikie crackdown.

An email sent to public service members on Thursday outlines new measures to be observed at certain buildings because of "measures to bring criminal gangs to justice".

"As the action taken by these gangs can often be unpredictable, the security in major office buildings in the CBD is to be increased to a higher level," reads the message.


ADD BULK: Interstate gang members arrive for turf war


Buildings affected include the Executive Building, State Law Building, 111 and 80 George Street, 33 Charlotte Street, Education House, Queensland Health, Capitol Hill, Mineral House, CITEC and the Neville Bonner building.


Questions over top cop's holiday timing




Pedestrian access will be restricted to the main entrance, and staff have been told to wear their ID cards at all times and be ready to provide them "for close inspection by security guards".

After hours, workers are urged to secure their ID cards.

All visitors will be required to be escorted by staff when in the building.


Cops 'cavalry' hits Coast to smash bikies


The Premier's spokesman earlier declined to comment on personal security arrangements for Campbell Newman who has vowed to rid Queensland of criminal motorcycle gangs.

He and Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie will receive a briefing from Crime and Misconduct Committee acting chairman Ken Levy later on Thursday on the bikie situation.


THE most extreme legislation ever proposed in Queensland is set to be rammed through State Parliament without any review or consultation.


And in response to the growing bikie threat, Prime Minister Tony Abbott it also turning his attention on the Gold Coast, promising bikie gang members will be hauled before secret hearings and stripped of their assets in a bid to gut their business model.

Queensland Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie yesterday indicated anti-racketeering laws designed to break up bikie gangs and jail their members, were unlikely to be sent to a parliamentary committee for examination.


Additional police arrive on the Gold Coast as part of a QPS commitment to target bikie gangs.

Additional police arrive on the Gold Coast as part of a QPS commitment to target bikie gangs.


Mr Bleijie said it would be his preference to pass the laws as soon as possible so police could start prosecuting "criminal motorcycle gangs".


"The need is urgent and I think we should be trying to get these laws passed through with bipartisan support as soon as possible," said Mr Bleijie.


"I'd certainly be pushing for a very much condensed committee process, or no committee process at all."


Accused bikie ringleader is the victim


The committee which would normally review such legislation is chaired by LNP MP Ian Berry, who previously opposed the treatment of "bikies as terrorists".


In a submission to the former government in response to its Criminal Organisation legislation - now being used to try to have the Finks declared a criminal gang - Mr Berry said there was no need for such "regressive and dangerous" laws.


"There is sufficient legislation in Queensland to deal with outlaw gangs who engage in unlawful acts," wrote Mr Berry in his capacity as Queensland Law Society president in November 2011.


"We have not seen one skerrick of research which demonstrates some shortcoming in the current mainstream criminal law regime in Queensland."


LYNCH MOB: Bikies brawl on tourist strip


Yesterday Mr Berry distanced himself from the submission, saying he was merely a "signatory" to the letter.


"The views expressed in such correspondence do not necessary reflect my personal or my professional views," he said.



Bikie violence 1:42

Back from an overseas trade mission, Premier Newman has vowed even tougher anti bikie action declaring Queensland is not the wild west
New laws will be rushed through parliament, making it easier for police to make bikie-related arrests

New laws will be rushed through parliament, making it easier for police to make bikie-related arrests


The Opposition will not decide its position on the new laws until it sees the legislation.


Civil libertarians yesterday wrote to the Premier and Police Minister demanding they undertake "proper consultation" before signing off on the new legislation.


Mr Bleijie said he would take the laws to Cabinet on Monday before introducing them to parliament on October 15.


"We're going after these criminal motorcycle gangs. We're going to do whatever we can to drive them out of Queensland," he said.


VIOLENCE: Bikies clash at smoothie shop


As well as banning bikies from gathering in groups, going to certain places and wearing club colours in licensed venues, the laws would stop them from running tattoo parlours and promoting or recruiting to their club.


Penalties will include mandatory minimum jail sentences of at least a year, and heavy fines.


 A member of the Bandidos MC club Picture: Supplied

A member of the Bandidos MC club Picture: Supplied


Meanwhile, the Abbott Government will today reveal that the Australian Crime Commission - which has the powers of a Royal Commission - will turn its attention and covert reach to the Gold Coast.


Outlaw motorcycle gang members who cannot convince the ACC that their bikes, homes and cash have been obtained legally will be targeted under new unexplained wealth laws to be introduced by the Commonwealth.


It is understood no offence will be needed for the ACC to issue a determination on unexplained wealth. Those who refuse to answer questions face being sent straight to jail.


Members of the ACC will also become embedded with Taskforce Maxima, a Queensland Police Service operation to crackdown on bikies at the Gold Coast.


The ACC will also open its top secret database to the taskforce.


BIKIE BOUNTY: Dob in an outlaw for $5 million


Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan and Queensland Police Minister Jack Dempsey will announce the details today on the Glitter Strip, which has been under siege by bikie for the past week.


A special Federal anti-gang taskforce will also be set up to fight the Bandidos, Finks, Mongols at the Gold Coast.


Mr Keenan described bikie crime as a national issue that needed a national response.


"We are trying to make sure that the environment for these guys to operate is very hard and we're going to make sure that we do everything to close these criminal gangs down,'' he told The Courier-Mail.


"We are going to tighten up the Commonwealth unexplained wealth regime. We're going to make sure we use all the powers at the disposal of Commonwealth agencies, but in particular those coercive powers.


"(They will be called) and asked where they've got their money from.


"What we want to do is confiscate their money and that is a very good way of attacking criminality because the whole point in getting involved in organised crime is to make money.''


While the State Government has tough unexplained wealth laws and the Crime and Misconduct Commission has its own coercive powers, Mr Keenan said Commonwealth agencies would have a greater reach across all boarders.


It's understood Mr Keenan's new laws will allow the ACC or the Australian Federal Police to target bikies even if they have not committed an indictable offence.




• Summons any witness to appear before an examiner


• Require that witness to give evidence of their knowledge of matters concerning the criminal activities involving themselves and others upon whom an investigation or intelligence operation is focused


* Require the person to provide documents or other things to an examiner.





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