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Hells Angels 'offering cash incentives'

OUTGUNNED Hells Angels have opened their war chest, offering millions of dollars in a desperate bid to recruit members as the club tries to muscle up before the arrival of bitter international rival, the Mongols.

The Angels are offering huge financial incentives to seduce members of rival bike clubs to patch over the to "red and white army".

Sources say the club has millions of dollars in cash to lure new members.

In 2011, the Hells Angels paid a rumoured $6 million to patch over 60 members of the Bandidos in Sydney, including the entire Bandidos Parramatta chapter, when it needed to boost numbers.

That translated to $100,000 for every Bandido who adopted the flying skull logo of the Hells Angels.

The Hells Angels recognise they are "hopelessly outnumbered" on the Gold Coast after the Mongols' underworld coup of patching across hundreds of members of the Finks, with more than 300 reported to have committed to join the US powerhouse.

Insiders say the "vast majority" of the club is now officially Mongol, with only the stalwart old timers refusing to hand in their beloved Finks colours.

The official Mongol vests have been shipped from the US and will be on the streets within days.

The patch-over has sent shockwaves through Australia's outlaw gangs.

Sources said members of other clubs are "falling over themselves" to join the super club which authorities fear will now dominate the landscape of Australia outlaw gangs.

"They have a frightening history in the United States," police said.

"We have no way of knowing if this patch-over will increase levels of violence, or if it will be status quo.

"Will it be the same guys in new vests, or will joining the so-called Mongol Nation bring with it increasing levels of violence?"

The US has struggled to deal with the Mongols who have been labelled the "most violent and dangerous in the US".

With the bitter history between the two clubs, the Hells Angels are desperately trying to buy new members.

The Hells Angels have yet to make an impact on the Coast , with their Lemana Lane clubhouse at Burleigh Heads - the third bid by the club to gain a toehold in the city.

The club has recruited former Paramatta-based Bandido national Sergeant-at-Arms John Fahey to draw new recruits.

Sources say recruitment has gone into overdrive.

"They would take anyone at the moment," sources said.

"They are throwing the cash around and promising the world, as usual.

"That's where the Angels get it wrong.

"They think they can buy loyalty."




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