One motorcyclist is dead and a second has been taken to Princess Alexandra Hospital with spinal injuries after their motorbikes collided at Queensland Raceway at Willowbank.

The accident happened just before 11.15am Wednesday when the two riders were using the track as part of Queensland Raceway’s ‘‘Champions Ride Day’’ at Willowbank near Ipswich.

The Champions Ride Day event allow riders of beginner, intermediate and advanced ability to ride on the track.

The ability of the riders involved in the crash is as yet unknown.

Ipswich police senior sergeant Steve Andrews has told reporters at the scene that the accident happened when one motorcycle was approaching the rear end of another.

The tyre of the approaching motorcycle ‘‘clipped’’ one of the tyres of the motorcycle in front.

‘‘What we have had is one bike crashing into the rear end of the bike in front of him,’’ a police media spokeswoman later said.

‘‘Both riders have been badly injured and the rider from the rear has died at the scene.’’

Emergency crews tried to revive the young motorcyclist at the raceway after he went into cardiac arrest, but the rider, aged in his early 20s, but was pronounced dead at the scene.

The second motorcyclist was taken to Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital with serious spinal injuries, according the Department of Emergency Services.

Police will now prepare a report for the coroner.

Experienced riders are at the raceway during the Champions Ride Day events and strict controls are outlined on the Queensland Raceway website.

A regular Queensland Motorway Ride Day track user said the events were not races.

"There is no racing there," the man who did not want to be identified, said.

The man said he had heard the two young men were good friends and that regular users were traumatised by the accident.

Queensland Raceway is a privately-run raceway that runs sedan and motorcycle racing on a circular racetrack at Champions Way at Willowbank.

There is also a second un-related, straight raceway for drag racing, called the Willowbank Raceway, which is close to Queensland Raceway.

Comment has been sought from Queensland Raceway’s owners.

It is understood racing was halted after this morning’s accident.