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East coast Finks boosting Rock Machine numbers?

Anne-Louise Brown

June 7, 2012 - 2:00AM


The number of outlaw bikies in Western Australia is set to get a boost, with unconfirmed reports a number of Finks from Australia's east coast have defected to Perth chapters of Rock Machine.

The move comes on the back of attempts by Queensland Police to declare the Gold Coast arm of the Finks Motorcycle Club a criminal organisation.

According to a Gold Coast source, several former Finks have made the move to WA because of declining numbers in Queensland, the result of numerous arrests and a police crackdown on the club.


Sources say increased police heat on the Finks sparked a mass defection to WA Rock Machine Chapters.

Their shift to WA coincides with a reported growth in Rock Machine numbers.

Earlier this year the club allegedly engaged in a recruitment drive after many members left or were kicked out after a high-profile feud with the Rebels. At the time, there was conjecture the club's remain members would join the Mongols.

In February, on Rock Machine's international website, the WA chapter posted news the club had opened its second Perth club house.

"City Crew Perth is here and moving forward strongly. Mad love to South Side Perth," the post said.

It also touched on the ousting of former sergeant at arms, Brent Reker, who was jailed in February for extortion. It said Mr Reker had been "out on bad standing" for six months and would "have his day".

In a January 2 post, the Perth Chapter also referred to "gaining more loyal brothers" and rapid growth.

Despite the Rock Machine posts and source information, WA Police said the club's numbers were shrinking.

Detective Sergeant Jeff Christmass of the gang crime squad said Rock Machine numbers had been significantly reduced by a culmination of police action and inner-club dissatisfaction.

"There is no credible evidence to suggest there has been an increase in (any) club numbers in WA," he said. "We are still dealing with nine known outlaw motorcycle club groups."

He said police intelligence had not received information regarding the Finks joining Rock Machine, but police would continue to monitor activity and conflict between bikie gangs in WA and respond to any issues.


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