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It's a high-stakes lifestyle and the cost of living, or having a bikie boss assassinated, is just as high

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Mahmoud "Mick" Hawi, Comanchero president, pictured outside Central Local Court, was one of the targets of a planned hit. Source: News Limited

HOW much does it cost to have a feared boss of one of Sydney's outlaw motorcycle gangs assassinated?

If the targets were the two former presidents of the Comanchero motorcycle gang, Mahmoud "Mick" Hawi and Duax "Dax" Ngakuru, the going rate would be $100,000 per hit, according to Sydney's underworld figures.

That was the case in 2009 when a crime figure  we  can't  legally name put the word out to Sydney's underbelly that they wanted the two bikies dead.

But it seems even underworld executions are subject to market forces with the price tag on the heads of the two bikies creeping up to $500,000 due to a lack of supply willing hit-men and women.

Law & Order knows this because we were leaked a police statement given by a rollover witness in a court case where the supergrass explained a discussion they had with the person on trial.

The statement detailed the conversation about the economics of Sydney underworld hits.

We can't legally reveal who wanted Hawi  and  Ngakuru  dead  because the information didn't get read in open court.

The information didn't directly relate to the charges being prosecuted in court case so it was deemed unnecessary to the case, our source said.

What we can reveal is that the underworld figure in question was so desperate to have Hawi and Ngakuru knocked they offered $500,000 but had no takers for six months.

The character then revealed he found someone who would do it for $100,000 but the hit didn't take place for unexplained reasons.

Hawi was last year sentenced to at least 21 years in jail for the murder of Hells Angels associate Anthony Zervas in the notorious Sydney Airport brawl of 2009. Ngakuru fled overseas in 2011.

As for the witness, they have changed their name and are living in parts unknown under witness protection.



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