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Police swoop on Bandido boss in South Melbourne


Mistakenly or over nothing apparently....

Toby Mitchell

There were dramatic scenes in South Melbourne as police searched and arrested two Bandido members, including Toby Mitchell. Picture: Nicole Cleary Herald Sun

Herald Sun photographer describes dramatic arrest

Photographer Nicole Cleary tells how police swooped on two Bandido members in South Melbourne.

TWO Bandidos were arrested at gunpoint in dramatic scenes after Toby Mitchell was allegedly embroiled in a fight over a woman.
Toby Mitchell

Toby Mitchell is arrested in South Melbourne. Picture: Nicole Cleary Herald Sun


Mitchell and several bikie associates turned up at South Melbourne's Star Bar and allegedly had an altercation with another man.

Mitchell and another Bandido member were arrested by plain-clothed and uniform police with guns drawn after they spotted him in his black sports Commodore near South Melbourne Market and intercepted him.

Mitchell and his associate, 32, from Reservoir, were arrested a short distance from where the alleged attack took place about 1.15pm.

Neither Mitchell nor the other Bandido, who were both wearing Bandido supporter gear, resisted arrest.

They were later released without charge.

Earlier, handcuffed and sitting in the gutter, Mitchell looked bemused as police searched his car, confiscating a large framed Bandido motif sporting a vice-president patch.

A gold mobile phone and other items were also seized and put in plastic bags.

Dozens of shoppers looked shocked as the pair was bundled into a police car.

The club's national sergeant-at-arms and the other bikie were taken to St Kilda police station, where they were quizzed by Echo taskforce detectives.

Mitchell, who's been shot in two incidents since November 2011, is a regular Clarendon St patron.

He has become one of the nation's most notable bikie figures following a failed attempt to kill him outside Doherty's Gym, Brunswick, next to the Bandidos' Melbourne chapter.

A Hells Angels ambush on members of the Bandidos outside the Diablos clubhouse in Melton on March 1 left Mitchell with a bullet wound to the arm.


Only Mitchell was shot, despite more than 30 rounds being fired indiscriminately.

Police fear that attack has the hallmarks of an attack by new members and associates of the Hells Angels.

It sparked the clubs to declare war and prompted the establishment of the police force's Operation Resound, which has executed dozens of search warrants on bikie clubhouses and members' and associates' properties.

The Herald Sun understands high-ranking Bandidos - at least two from each chapter - were ordered to attend a compulsory meeting at the weekend after pressure was applied from Sydney senior members about leadership problems within Victorian ranks.

Several members of the gang have been disenchanted over their response to attacks on the club.

Police intelligence shows there has been huge growth in outlaw bikie numbers and clubhouses in Victoria.

Mitchell caused waves when he began a relationship with underworld associate Danielle McGuire.
McGuire visited Mitchell in hospital after he was shot five times in 2011.



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