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Hells Angels muscle into enemy turf

Robyn Wuth   |  12:01am June 9, 2012



THE Hells Angels are muscling in on the Gold Coast with the outlaw motorcycle gang planning to open a tattoo studio at Robina -- right in the middle of enemy territory.

The site is less than 1.5km from another studio earmarked for Arbour Lane, which police say will be a joint operation between the Finks and the Lone Wolf club.

It has stunned senior police who fear the move could push the Gold Coast bikie clubs into all-out war.

The Hells Angels have ruthlessly taken advantage of the police crackdown on the Gold Coast chapter of the Finks by moving ahead with plans to open the studio on Robina Town Centre Drive.

The Finks cannot afford to be involved in a turf war as police push to have the club declared a criminal organisation and the Hells Angels are primed to exploit any weakness.

Both studios are in a "grey area" of bikie territory falling between the Black Uhlans and the Nomads.


The bikies have eyed Robina as it emerges as the commercial hub for the Gold Coast, and it is seen as a potential moneyspinner by all gangs because of its direct access to the M1.

Senior police said the move by the Hells Angels was "madness".

"It will only make the violence worse -- much worse," said police.

"The Hells Angels are the common denominator in all the recent violence -- they really are pushing for turf here in the southeast corner."


Police said it was "unlikely" to be linked to the Hells Angels Tradelink Drive chapter, but has been connected to Hells Angels who have moved to the Coast from Sydney.

"The tattoo shop is a toehold. If they can get that open and keep it open, it is only a matter of time until they open a chapter right here in the city," said a police source.

The Angels have been involved in a bitter running battle with the Bandidos, with a series of co-ordinated assaults on Bandido and Hells Angels-linked businesses in recent months.

The latest was only this week in Brisbane, days after police launched their first bid to have a bikie club declared a criminal organisation under controversial anti-association laws.

"It shows the Hells Angels don't appear to be concerned by the police move. If anything, it is an opportunity for them to move in," a police source said.

United Motorcycle Council spokesman Russell "Camel" Wattie said tattoo shops were not illegal.

"Is this being opened by the Hells Angels, or people who just happen to be members?" he said.

"These clubs have spoken. They do not believe there is a turf war."

Mr Wattie said the only group that benefited from a war was the Queensland Police Service.

"That would be convenient for them right now, don't you think?

"Police would be the only ones to benefit."

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