Goward Grills Daley over lack of bikie collars

10 Nov, 2010 01:00 AM

PRU GOWARD has demanded answers over a high profile police operation targeting the Rebels motorcycle gang which netted no arrests last month.

The Goulburn MP put several questions to NSW Police Minister Michael Daley about operation Lyon on October 7.

"Given that the Rebel Motorbike Club [sic] is supposedly 'outlawed' and no arrests were made, why not?," she asked in Parliament on October 28. (uum no-one committed an arrestable offence? or they slept through them...?)

More than 70 officers from the South West Metropolitan and Southern Region plus specialist police targeting outlaw motorcycle gangs from strikeforce Raptor, the Public Order and Riot Squad and the air wing were all deployed to oversee the "National Run" by the Bikies on their way to Victoria.

A spokeswoman for Mr Daley said the gang was not "outlawed", and as such can use roads across NSW like any other motorist.

"Police closely monitor the activities of Outlaw Motor Cycle groups and will continue to monitor their behaviours," she said.

"In this instance the police mounted an operation to monitor their behaviour on the roads of NSW."

"The operation was mounted within rostered resources and with large numbers of motorcyclists travelling together it can create problems for other road users.

"Compliance checks are conducted regularly by police whether on bikies or other road users."

Ms Goward said she asked the questions because of the cost of the operation not its validity.

"The whole point of the questions was not to object to either the police's activities or the bikies, but to point out they had spent thousands of dollars on an operation that did not, as I understand it, result in one arrest," she said.

"That is why the Minister has not replied.

"I am very happy to have police operations in Goulburn, but they should be held to account if they are as expensive as this one and as unproductive."

Police stopped several Rebels at the Marulan Heavy Vehicle Checking Station and used two drug-testing vans, including one recently deployed to the Southern Region.

Police said there were about 350 members of the gang but witnesses said there were closer to 400-500 riders and around 100 were pulled over.

Police conducted random drug and alcohol tests and also checked licence and registration details.

Police told the News on October 7 no arrests had been made but several tickets and court attendance notices were issued.

Mr Daley is yet to respond to Ms Goward's questions.

His spokeswoman said Mr Daley would respond to Ms Goward by early December.


Just shows they waste a lot of taxpayers money shadowing everyone doesn't it....