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Bandido suffers after shooting, court told

A BANDIDOS sergeant-at-arms shot five times outside a Melbourne gym still suffers serious health problems after losing a kidney in the shooting, a court has been told.

Toby Mitchell, 37, appeared to be in pain as he took his seat in Melbourne Magistrates Court today to face driving offences, with his walking stick in hand.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of driving while suspended and another of driving an unroadworthy vehicle, dating from March and June last year.

Mitchell, a Bandidos enforcer and former champion kickboxer, was shot in the back five times outside a Brunswick gym on November 28 last year.

His lawyer Theo Magazis his client was still in pain after losing a kidney and sustaining significant liver damage in the shooting.

Fluid had to be continually drained from Mitchell's liver and doctors were concerned about his emotional state as well as his physical health, Mr Magazis said.

He asked Magistrate Lance Martin to spare his client from serving time in prison, despite having 10 prior convictions for similar offences.

"There have been a number of ongoing complications resulting in his hospitalisation," Mr Magazis said.

"There is a striking difference and an apparent striking difference of the Mr Mitchell that appears in court this morning and the Mr Mitchell predating November 2011.

"We're talking about a man, your honour, who from his early teens was a very strong, fit, motivated young man who has, as a result of the incident of November 28 last year, has been left with significant health issues to deal with."

Mitchell was sentenced to four months' imprisonment, suspended for two years.

His licence was suspended for six months and he was fined $400.


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