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Shots fired at Vic bikies' home

10:18pm March 9, 2013

Up to six shots have been fired at the Melbourne home of a bikie gang member accused of being part of a million-dollar stolen property racket.

Police responded to reports of gunshots at a street in the northern suburb of Epping around 2.15am (AEDT) on Saturday, they said.

No one was injured in the suspected drive-by shooting.

It's understood the house targeted by the shots is home to one of two Pegoraro brothers, who were this week arrested and charged with numerous counts of theft and handling stolen goods following police raids.

Ben and Daniel Pegoraro, aged 23 and 27, are members of the Red Devils bikie gang, which police have described as a breeding ground for the Hells Angels.

Both brothers have also been questioned in relation to the ambush and attempted assassination of Bandidos sergeant-at-arms Toby Mitchell, police have said.

Detectives believe Saturday morning's gunfire is linked to an ongoing feud between the Hells Angels and Bandidos, which they have fear will escalate after the ambush on Mitchell.

Police earlier played down reported bikie links to an alleged kidnapping conspiracy, which saw five men - including a major amphetamines dealer - arrested on Friday night.

Detective Inspector Richard Read said some of the men under arrest are linked to bikie gangs, but the drug trafficking operation had not been a motorcycle gang operation.

Earlier on Friday, a suspicious fire gutted the Bendigo headquarters of the Satan's Soldiers - another known feeder group to the Hells Angels.

Police are investigating if the blaze was retaliatory attack after the ambush on Mitchell.

Hundreds of interstate Finks bikies, who are aligned with the Bandidos, are meanwhile rolling into Melbourne for their national run and are set to party at into the night at Port Melbourne.

The new police Operation Resound taskforce has been set up to target the Hells Angels-Bandidos and their affiliates amid fears of all-out war spilling onto the streets.



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