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Bikies getting too easy a ride


HERE'S a theoretical. What do you think would happen if police knew you were driving without a license?

Do you think a) police would tip their hat and say, no worries, safe driving.

Or b) the police would arrest you on the spot and have you off to court to explain yourself.

Don't answer that too quickly.

Let's add a few details to spice up this scenario.

How about if they not only knew you were unlicensed, but also what vehicle you were driving.

Just for fun, let's say they knew not only what vehicle, but where you were headed?



How about not only where you were headed, but what time you planned to leave, the route you were planning to take, what time you were due to arrive and who you were travelling with.

OK, now you can answer.


If you answered b) you were wrong. Yes, wrong. Sit there in your wrongness and be wrong.

The correct answer is a) provided you're a member of an outlaw motorcycle gang.

Not even a so-called super gang whose members wear their undies on the outside, just an ordinary trike-riding bikie on your way to your cubby house.

Yes, it's true.

Recently a very senior member of outlaw bikie gang Highway 61 was Gold Coast-bound after the club's national run.

The bikie in question has been a very bad boy when it comes to traffic violations.

He's been to court so many times, that if he is caught again, he'll have to forfeit his beloved push bike to the Crown permanently.

All the more reason to catch this dastardly evildoer, one would think.

The police officers who called in the offence thought it was worth the effort.

One fella, lets call him Constable Colin, said the police were salivating at the thought of the pinch.

They knew where, when, and what time. They did it right, they organised back-up from the Nerang police station and they were all set.

``They all wanted to get this bloke off the road - that is, after all, our job - and they would have seized his bike. It was perfect.''

Well, it could have been until a senior officer got wind of this plan and ordered everybody back to work.

The cops argued their case, but the boss wasn't having it and apparently gave the cops a direct order to stand down.

``The boys could not believe it. This happens all the time. We want to take these bikie thugs on and time and again the bosses put a stop to it.

``They claim it's officer safety and all the rest, but the police on the street are being hamstrung.

``We just want to do our jobs.''

Senior police defended the approach saying this one-off arrest and seizure would not have been effective.

I can see their point.

Pinching this national officer bearer of an outlaw gang would have been quite nasty.

Making him take time out of his busy outlaw gang lifestyle to go to court wearing an ill-fitting suit and lumping him with the cost of a fancy lawyer would have been poor form.

Add to that the indignity of seizing his bike. That would have been just rude, wouldn't it?

Yes, I can see their point.

Much better they stick to dishing out the punishment to the general public.

Even my eight-year-old has a better idea.

``Mum, why don't the police just arrest the bikies?''

Why indeed.


Apart from wondering if there's a grain of truth in the article, I don't know how long the police have had the right to seize a vehicle driven by an unlicensed driver...that's a new one to me......maybe they just had something more important to do , it wouldn't be hard.....jees still no real news on the Gold Coast...


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