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Bikie mates will miss gentle giant

IT IS so easy to judge a book by its cover.

Dave Mather died on the Dawson Hwy on Monday after his motorcycle and a car collided.

IT IS so easy to judge a book by its cover.

This is what many of us may do when we find out Dave Mather, the 40-year-old who died in a crash on the Dawson Hwy on Monday, was a member of a motorcycle gang.

Some of us might not consider the fact Mr Mather was a lot more than just a bikie.

He was a husband, father, mate and co-worker, and will be missed by many.

According to friend, and fellow Odin's Warriors member, Gordon Cox, Mr Mather could be likened to a friendly giant. "He was a big man, and he had a heart the size of him," he said.

"He was at my place the day he died. He left because he had to go and see his wife."

Mr Mather was attempting to overtake a number of vehicles when a car made a right turn and they collided. He died at the scene.

He leaves behind a wife, Chrissy, and daughter Mackenzie.

"He was a real family man," Mr Cox said.

"He was all about his wife and his kid.

"If I could describe him, I'd say he was giving, loyal, and just an all around friggin' good bloke."


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