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Diners' terror as bikies bash man

A BROADBEACH restaurateur risked his own safety and took on four bikies who were beating a man in front of horrified families in the busy Broadbeach restaurant precinct this week.

Local businesses fear members of another outlaw motorcycle gang are now making a run at Broadbeach -- traditionally Bandido territory -- after seeing scores of bikies "circling" the main strip in the days following the incident.

A Broadbeach restaurant owner, who did not want to be named for fear of reprisals, said he saw four outlaw motorcycle gang members start beating a man who had been dining on the strip at about 8pm last Sunday.

"The whole of Broadbeach was looking at something bad happening," he said.

"Everyone was afraid.

"Four of them attacked one person, so my brother and I went out and saved him.

"We hit them.

"Maybe because I wasn't born in Australia, I am not as scared of the bikies like other people are," he said.

Some witnesses reported the bikies were armed with knives, bats and poles. Chairs were thrown during the violent altercation, which happened just outside the upmarket Koi restaurant.

But the restaurateur said he did not see any weapons and the bikies took off once they started fighting back.


"It happened outside Koi, almost in the middle of the road," he said.

"I don't know how and why they did it but I think it was all caught on CCTV cameras.

"There was no blood and no one was injured."

Another restaurant employee also confirmed a brawl had erupted in the middle of the dining strip while Broadbeach was filled with families and children.

She said many young children were frightened by the violent fight, which lasted for at least five minutes.

Police were not called and yesterday a spokeswoman said they had not received an official complaint and were not investigating.

It is understood several members of the police force are aware of the vicious brawl.

Rumours circling about the reason for the fight include that the victim had become involved with the girlfriend or wife of a jailed gang member.


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