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Bikie warned murder witness, ‘Don’t

talk about the Rebels’, court hears


A COURT has heard how a member of the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang, wearing full colours, walked into a pub and in a loud voice allegedly intimidated a woman who had spoken with detectives over the murder of a man at Mumbil, near Wellington.

Michael John Gillard, 49, allegedly parked his Harley-Davidson motorcycle outside the Mumbil Tavern about 1:30pm on Christmas Eve and bought a beer before approaching the woman, with whom he had a previous relationship.

Gillard was arrested by Strike Force Burrendong detectives investigating the execution-style killing of Charles Avouris, 30, after raids at homes in Mumbil and Stuart Town, south of Mumbil, on December 30.

Avouris was shot in the head with a small-calibre firearm at his Mumbil home Railway Cottage on or about Monday, July 1, 1996.

Detectives have said they are investigating his known links to local Rebels before he was murdered.

Gillard appeared in Dubbo Local Court yesterday (Wednesday) seeking to vary a ban on returning to Mumbil, ordered as part of strict bail conditions imposed when he fronted the court in custody on December 31, charged with intimidating a police witness.

Counsel for Gillard told the court his client had a residence at Stuart Town, south of Mumbil, but normally lived in Mumbil with his partner, who is pregnant, and her five children.

He wanted to return to Mumbil and was prepared to abide by apprehended violence orders protecting the witness he is alleged to have intimidated.

The court heard Gillard, after buying a beer, allegedly asked the witness at the tavern on Christmas Eve if she had spoken to detectives investigating the Avouris murder.

The woman said she had been interviewed.

Gillard allegedly then told the woman not to say anything about the Rebels or any of the parties she had attended.

He raised his voice and became aggressive, allegedly saying, “I hope people are not talking to detectives about the death of Charlie Avouris because, if they are, bad things could happen to them”.

The woman felt intimidated and concerned for her safety, the court was told.

She became upset, began to shake and told Gillard to leave the tavern.

Gillard left the premises, allegedly warning the woman, “Don’t talk about the Rebels”.

No pleas were entered to charges of hindering an investigation and intimidating a police witness.

The court ruled the strict bail strict restrictions would remain in place, and the charges were adjourned to February 22.


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