AN INFORMANT who evaded prosecution for his role in the sale of stolen army rocket launchers that were acquired by a Sydney terrorist cell has been arrested.

The man, a former member of the Rebels motorcycle gang, turned whistleblower for counter-terrorism police investigating the theft and sale of 10 rocket launchers stolen from the Holsworthy army base in 2001.

He was arrested this month by drug squad police investigating amphetamine supply - living in a new Sydney estate incorporating a private golf course. Police seized a Lamborghini from his garage in the raid.

The man was given the code name Harrington and indemnity from prosecution for giving evidence in the trial of former army captain Shane Della-Vedova, who used Harrington as a go-between to sell the rocket launchers. Harrington passed on at least seven of the launchers to south-western Sydney illegal gun dealer Taha Abdul-Rahman, who became the middle man in selling two of the launchers to Adnan ''Eddie'' Darwiche for use in his feud with a rival drug gang.

Darwiche, serving a triple life sentence for murder, on-sold five other launchers to members of a Lakemba terrorist cell, all of whom have since been convicted despite only one of the launchers ever being found.

Harrington got off scot free. Abdul-Rahman received a 2 year sentence.