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Finks show their teeth on new patch


THE Finks have rolled out a new nationwide insignia as the club fights moves to ban the outlaw motorcycle gang.

Gone is the loveable old Bung, the cheeky drunk from the Wizard of Id cartoon.

He has been replaced by a leaner, meaner Bung who is baring his teeth in a menacing grimace -- and this Bung is trademarked.

The new patch is being rolled out across the country and was on show at the funeral for Ned Inch yesterday morning.

The new patch -- containing both the yellow of Queensland and blue of NSW -- was clearly visible among those in the funeral procession.

The colours adorn the club's black-and-white vests.

Critics say the new, aggressive Bung symbolises the Finks' legal fight against police moves to have the outlaw motorcycle club declared a criminal organisation.

The Finks say the new Bung is more "progressive" -- just like the club itself.

"The club has changed, so has Bung," said a spokesman. "It's a modern Bung."

Yesterday's funeral saw Gold Coast police shut down one of the city's major roads so the notorious bikie club could bury Mr Inch, son of the club's former sergeant-at-arms, Dennis Inch.

It came just days ago after police launched landmark legal action to have the Gold Coast Finks chapter declared a criminal organisation under the first use of the State's controversial anti-bikie laws.

But yesterday they closed off busy Nerang-Broadbeach Rd to allow dozens of Finks dressed in full colours to lead the funeral procession.

Traffic was held up long enough for gang members accompanying the hearse through but police then forced other mourners to obey traffic signals. The police direction to allow the Finks to pass through is understood to have been issued by senior officers from regional headquarters and is normally only granted at significant community funerals.

Dozens of Finks roared into the Dream Centre Church at Carrara at 11am for the funeral of Mr Inch.

Mr Inch Jr, his wife and daughter were killed in a car crash near Mackay earlier this month.


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