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Bikie house hit in drive by shooting

By Graeme Powell

Updated 12 minutes ago

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Police are investigating what could be a bikie related shooting

The windows of the car were smashed and the guttering on the house has holes from the shooting (Graeme Powell)

There has been more violence involving Perth bikie gangs overnight with a drive by shooting at a Rock Machine gang member's house.

Dozens of shots were fired at the property in the south-eastern suburb of Thornlie.

A car parked outside the house was riddled with bullet holes and had its windows smashed while shot gun pellets put holes in the guttering.

Neighbours say they were woken in the early hours of this morning by a burst of gunfire from an automatic weapon and a shotgun.

A neighbour on Marden Road, who wishes to remain anonymous, says there was a big commotion.

"l thought my whole house was getting smashed up. There was just a great big, loud noise and the dog was just going absolutely ballistic at the door," he said.

"There was like a big explosion that just scared the hell out of me, my whole house nearly shook.

"I went outside and I heard someone speed off."

The occupants of the house had also fled by the time police arrived.

Inspector Jeff Ellis says a car registered to a member of the Rock Machine Motorcycle gang was on the property.

"Police have attended those premises and we haven't been able to locate anyone there at the moment but inquiries are continuing," he said.

Another neighbour says the organised crime squad raided the home recently during a crackdown on the Rock Machine and Rebels motorcycle gangs.

"The police came very quietly at 6:30 in the morning and entered the house, there was a lot of forensics people that came and they removed what we thought were shot guns," she said.

The shooting is being investigated by the organised crime squad.

There have been a series of incidents, including brawls and shootings, between bikie gangs in Perth in recent months.



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