Bikers at court. pic shows Mostafa Jouayde leaving Burwood court after being cleared.Wednesday 9th May, 2012

Bosses …Mostafa ''Samir'' Jouayde. Photo: Anthony Johnson

The boss of the Hells Angels and a prominent car dealer were once on friendly terms. Then it all turned sour and the reason why remains a mystery.

For a while, Hells Angel boss Felix Lyle and Burwood luxury car dealer Terry Mullens got on like a house on fire. They went to the races and had coffee and dinner together.

Lyle, the president of the Sydney chapter of the Hells Angels, visited Mullen's harbourside mansion.

Early last year, Mullens gave the well-known bikie an $80,000 loan.

Felix Jonothan Lyle.

Felix Lyle. Photo: James Alcock

But on July 7 last year their relationship turned upside down after seven men wearing long-sleeved ''sloppy joes'' - two with Hells Angels markings - came into Mullens's caryard and announced they were taking five luxury vehicles. In fact they took four with a total value of $260,000. Those men have not been identified.

The cars were returned to Mullens the next day. Police subsequently charged five men, including Lyle, with extortion.

Last week, the charges against Lyle and the others were dropped in Burwood Local Court, with the police prosecutor, Daniel McMahon citing ''recent developments''.

Exactly why the prosecution fell apart is not clear. But a police statement of facts tendered to the court and obtained by The Sun-Herald not only gives Mullens's version of events but also hints at the growing size of the Hells Angels in Sydney.

For many years the Angels had one small chapter with an estimated 10 to 15 members. The statement of facts identifies three local Hells Angels presidents - Lyle, the head of the Sydney chapter, his co-accused Mostafa ''Samir'' Jouayde, (Parramatta) and another man identified only as Sarmisakliglu. (The latter was not one of the five charged.)

The Sun-Herald has been told there are now between six and eight chapters with roughly 150 members and each operates independently in Sydney.

The facts sheet setting out the police case says that until the incident in the car yard on July 7 last year ''Terry Mullens has had an on-going business relationship with Felix Lyle.''

It says that early last year, Mullens gave Lyle an $80,000 loan. According to police, the falling out happened after Mullens refused Lyle another $80,000.

They say a few days later the seven unidentified men in sloppy joes turned up at the car yard and one of them said: ''You've caused some problems with Felix, I don't know what the problems are, but there is a third party involved. Here's what's going to happen. I'm going to take five cars right now.''

Four cars were then taken - a 2008 Range Rover ($85,000), a 2007 BMW ($70,000), 2003 BMW ($45,000) and a 2006 Porsche ($60,000). The next day, between 6.34pm and 7.10pm the cars were returned.

The facts sheet states the two chapter presidents, Lyle and Jouayde, and some other Angels later met with Mullens who had been prepared to pay up to $10,000 for the return of the cars. An Angel had responded: ''What do you think we are, peasants? ''

According to Mullens, the two presidents wanted $70,000 each. The facts sheet says ''at hearing this, the victim began to shake.''

Lawyers for the Angels told magistrate, Michael Price, last week the charges would have been vigorously defended. Lyle and two others are now seeking costs.