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Break the law, motorbike gets crushed


Even more sense from the state run by morons panicking...

OUTLAW motorcycle gang members will have their bikes confiscated and crushed under the State Government's promise to introduce the world's toughest laws to eradicate Gold Coast bikies.

State Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie will today announce the government will change the law to destroy the bikes of those gang members charged with various offences in a bid to wipe out these "symbols of intimidation, fear and violence".

Under the changes, bikies who use their bike before during or after an offence will see their vehicle crushed in the same way serial hoons have their cars destroyed.

"Earlier this year, we implemented tough laws that meant serial hoons would have their cars crushed," said Mr Bleijie.

"We're now expanding that to the criminal motorcycle gangs and their bikes. If a criminal motorcycle gang member uses his or her bike before, during or after committing an offence, we'll immediately take it and crush it upon conviction," he said.

"We'll crush what has become a symbol of intimidation, fear and violence, just like we'll crush their criminal enterprises.

"Without their bike, they're just any other thug. They'll face losing their freedom and their pride and joy."

He said the laws -- which would target bikies charged with affray, evading police and other offences -- would only apply to bikies.

"These laws will apply to only criminal motorcycle gang members. Law abiding riders have nothing to worry about," he said.

"We are serious about ridding Queensland of these criminal motorcycle gangs and we will do whatever's necessary to achieve that. We have already announced a raft of reforms that will assist us to achieve this goal."

The amendments are proposed to expand the impoundment regime to allow for the immediate seizure of the motor vehicle of a participant in a criminal organisation who commits a prescribed offence.

More offences that will lead to the impounding of bikes will be announced shortly, Mr Bleijie said.

The announcement to seize and destroy bikes comes as just days after the Bulletin revealed bikies will automatically be refused bail when they appear in court.

The tough reforms mean they will have to provide strong legal argument to be released from custody.