Victoria moves to restrict activities of bikies

Updated 3 hours 52 minutes ago

The Victorian Government will introduce legislation into Parliament today to restrict the activities of outlaw motorcycle gangs.

The change would allow Victoria Police to apply to the Supreme Court to make a declaration declaring a motorcycle gang a criminal organisation and impose control orders on groups and individuals.

The legislation would also allow declarations and orders made in other states and territories to be upheld in Victoria.

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu says the laws would empower police to protect Victorians from the activities of outlaw motorcycle gangs.

"In opposition, we pledged to stop Victoria becoming a sanctuary for criminal bike gangs. Other states have taken various steps in this regard," he said.

"Victorians do not want to see criminal bike gangs flourishing in this state, and they do not want to tolerate these activities."

Individuals breaching a control order would face up to five years jail, while organisations could be hit with a $400,000 fine and have property confiscated.

Gangs could also be prevented from wearing their club colours, associating and riding together.

Attorney-General Robert Clark says he is confident the legislation would stand up to a High Court challenge because it follows normal judicial processes.

"The Supreme Court would need to be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that an organisation is being used to undertake serious criminal activities, or that individuals within the organisation are using it to undertake serious criminal activities," he said.

The process could take place behind closed doors, but the Attorney-General has rejected suggestions this would create a kangaroo court.

He says the public release of some sensitive criminal intelligence could put sources at risk.