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Ibrahim shooting linked to bikie gang rivalry

Dylan Welch and Geesche Jacobsen

January 15, 2011

  • 7:26AM Saturday Jan 15, 2011

HASSAN ''SAM'' IBRAHIM was hanging over the bonnet of a car, smoking a cigarette, when a light-coloured Mercedes rolled towards him from the east.

Semi ''Tongan Sam'' Ngata, Mr Ibrahim's friend and constant companion since the pair's days as tough men in Kings Cross in the late 1980s, stood across the bonnet from him, also smoking.

Another family friend, Ray, was nearby and Mr Ibrahim's elderly mother sat behind them on a seat in the shade of the garage, attached to her large, two-storey Merrylands home.

Gunshot wounds ... associates of Sam Ibrahim, including his wife Karen (with blonde hair and blue jacket), arrive at Westmead Hospital last night.

Gunshot wounds ... associates of Sam Ibrahim, including his wife Karen (with blonde hair and blue jacket), arrive at Westmead Hospital last night. Photo: Gordon McComskie

As the Mercedes drove past, a man leant out of the window and started firing.

In the waning light, amid Mrs Ibrahim's screams, the young man fired as many as a dozen shots as the car drove past.

''They just drove past, throwin' bullets on us. We started duckin','' Ray told Channel Ten yesterday.

Sam Ibrahim in 2009.

Sam Ibrahim, who was shot this week. Photo: Lee Besford

But in what is becoming an increasing trend among Sydney hitmen, the gunman's aim was poor and most of the shots flew wide of their targets.

Mr Ngata and Mrs Ibrahim both hit the ground and avoided injury, but Mr Ibrahim was struck twice in his legs. One bullet passed straight through; another lodged in his knee.

He was left bleeding profusely as the Mercedes disappeared from the street, tyres squealing.

By early yesterday afternoon the Ibrahim family, including Sam's two brothers, the nightclub entrepreneur John and the shooting victim Fadi, had visited him in Westmead Hospital.

In a news conference yesterday afternoon the commander of the gang squad, acting Superintendent Wayne Hayes, said police were treating the shooting as an attempted murder.

By then Mr Ibrahim, who has been shot before, was recovering and passed on a message via his lawyer, Brett Galloway, to his would-be killers: ''Bad luck.''

It was a ''low act'', he said, to try to kill him at the home of his mother, who is undergoing chemotherapy.

The shooting is the latest in a series of tattoo parlour attacks, drive-by shootings and brawls that have broken the peace of summer.

Most of the incidents are believed to be related to a feud between the gang Notorious, which is associated with the Ibrahim family, and the Comanchero Motorcycle Club.

They include a drive-by shooting at the home of Mr Ibrahim's youngest sister, Armani Stelio, in late November and another shooting at the home of the Notorious serjeant-at-arms, Sabre Murad, a day later.

The month before that the two most senior members of Notorious, the president, Alen Sarkis, and his right-hand man, ''Crazy Dave'' Lima, had fought the senior Comanchero Mark Buddle and his associate Michael Murray.

On December 30 the tattoo parlour owned by Mr Buddle and the national president of the Comanchero Motorcycle Club, Duax ''Dax'' Ngakuru, was gutted in an arson attack.

The violence continued this week when the Assylum Tattoo parlour in Mount Druitt, associated with the Comanchero master serjeant-at-arms, Ian ''Clisso'' Clissold, was trashed. It was the second attack on the shop in a year.

Yesterday police said they remained open-minded about the attack on Mr Ibrahim, though it is understood five outlaw motorcycle members or associates have emerged as the main suspects.

They are two senior members of the Comanchero, a Bandido, a former Nomad and a relative of the Ibrahims.

Both the relative and the Bandido are believed to be involved in a dispute with Mr Ibrahim over a woman.

The Comanchero are angry about property attacks they attribute to Mr Ibrahim and Notorious.

The former Nomad is believed to have fallen out with Mr Ibrahim about the confiscation of his motorcycles when he left the club.



Sam Ibrahim hit in drive-by shooting

Dylan Welch and Geesche Jacobsen

January 14, 2011

Gunshot wounds ... associates of Sam Ibrahim, including his wife Karen (with blonde hair and blue jacket), arrive at Westmead Hospital last night.

Gunshot wounds ... associates of Sam Ibrahim, including his wife Karen (with blonde hair and blue jacket), arrive at Westmead Hospital last night. Photo: Gordon McComskie

THE eldest of the Ibrahim brothers, Hassan ‘‘Sam’’ Ibrahim, was  gunned down in an attack in Sydney’s south west last night, in the latest act of a war between rival gangs.

Mr Ibrahim, 45, was shot twice in the legs at close range outside his parents’ home in Holdsworth Street, Merrylands,  about 6.45pm. He was taken to Westmead Hospital, and was discharged about 11pm.

A light-coloured car carrying at least two people   slowly drove by and several shots were fired, police said. It is understood Mr Ibrahim was bleeding heavily.

Police at the scene of the shooting.

Police at the scene of the shooting. Photo: Gordon McComskie

Sam Ibrahim in 2009.

Sam Ibrahim in 2009. Photo: Lee Besford

His brother, the nightclub entrepreneur John, arrived soon after the shooting but quickly left.
Sam Ibrahim was taken to hospital by ambulance. Police were guarding the entrance of the hospital’s emergency wing.

The Holroyd Local Area commander, Brett McFadden, said police were   investigating the number of shots fired and were calling on anyone with information to come forward. Anonymity would be respected, he said.

Mr Ibrahim has been living off and on at his parents’ home since being bailed over an alleged  kidnapping last year.
He is the eldest of four brothers, who include John, the shooting victim Fadi and Michael, who has been convicted of manslaughter.

In June 2009  Fadi Ibrahim, 35, was shot five times as he sat outside his Castle Cove home with his  Shayda Bastani-Rad, now his wife.

He and his youngest brother Michael have since been charged with conspiracy to murder relating to an alleged plot to kill the man they thought was behind the shooting, a Sydney man, John Macris.

The main suspects in last night’s shooting will be members of the Comanchero Motorcycle Club, who have been engaged in an escalating war with the Ibrahim family and the street gang linked to them, Notorious.

The head of the Comanchero, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is understood to be a staunch opponent of the Ibrahims. In the past several days a tattoo parlour linked to Notorious has been trashed, the home of a senior member been shot at, and another senior member had his leg broken.

Although Notorious is officially led by Alen Sarkis  and his right-hand man, ‘‘Crazy Dave’’ Lima, police believe Mr Ibrahim is an important figure in the gang.

Last night police sources indicated that even if Mr Ibrahim did not control Notorious, its members would perceive an attack on him as an attack on the gang.

And regardless of who is  behind the attack, gang members will undoubtedly blame the Comanchero.
Mr Ibrahim is a life member of the Nomads Motorcycle Club.

A prominent figure in the Kings Cross criminal milieu in the 1990s, he was president of the Nomads’ Parramatta chapter in the early 2000s.

He was charged over the knee-capping of two men in Newcastle in 2004 and over a late 1990s cocaine distribution ring involving the Nomads. He was acquitted on both matters.

Rumours have been circulating among the underworld that Mr Ibrahim has been trying to reform the Parramatta Nomads with him again the president.

In late November one of Mr Ibrahim’s sisters, Armani Stelio, was at home when her Ryde apartment was sprayed with more 20 bullets in a drive-by shooting.

A day later, Notorious’s sergeant-at-arms, Sabre Murad, was shot at his Doonside home. His home was also the target of a drive-by attack on Tuesday. 


Sam Ibrahim shot in the leg

news ibrahim sam

Police outside Westmead Hospital after Sam Ibrahim was shot at Merrylands. Picture: News Limited Source: News Limited

  • Sam Ibrahim now in a stable condition

  • Just two months after earlier drive-by

  • Neighbours say they heard two blasts

THE older brother of nightclub supremo John Ibrahim is in a Sydney hospital after being shot in the leg, sources say.

Former Nomads bikie boss Hassan "Sam" Ibrahim was shot at a property on Price Street, Merrylands, this evening.

A police spokeswoman confirmed emergency services were called to a property at 6.45pm (AEDT).

"Police located a man with a gunshot wound," she added.

The shooting happened less than two months after a drive-by shooting at the Ryde home of Armani Stelio, a sister of the Ibrahim brothers.

Following the attack on his sister's home, "Sam" was shown in television footage speaking to police at her property.

In June 2009, another brother, Fadi Ibrahim, was shot five times as he sat with his girlfriend in his car outside his home in Castle Cove.

Sam Ibrahim was standing outside the house in Sydney's west when he was shot twice in the leg, it is believed.
The bullets were fired from a light-coloured car, witnesses have told police.

Mr Ibrahim, 44, is receiving treatment at Westmead Hospital and is reportedly in a stable condition.

Despite a string of attacks involving bikie gangs in recent months, police insist it is too early to say if the Ibrahim shooting is gang-related.

The car involved in the incident was believed to be carrying a number of passengers.

Price Street was cordoned off by police as detectives searched for forensic evidence.

 Neighbours have told how they heard "at least" two blasts.

"I heard something but had no idea it was gunshots," one woman who asked not to be named told AAP.

"There were at least two bangs. Maybe three."

The Ibrahim family will be making no public comment on the attack.

"It's inappropriate to say anything at this stage pending a police investigation," family lawyer Stephen Alexander told AAP

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