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Bikie 'shot while eating KFC' at Rebels Outlaw gathering

A GOLD Coast chapter member of the Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Club was shot in the leg and then assaulted at a get-together he believed was to elect new club officials, a jury has been told.

The Brisbane District Court jury was today told Shane Michael Oulds, 38, shot Mark Allan Ashworth with a massive black gun as he sat eating a meal of KFC chicken at bar of the Rebels' Nerang premises, on the Gold Coast, on October 9, 2007.

Prosecutor Michael Lehane, in his opening, said Mr Oulds threatened to shoot Mr Ashworth again - telling him: "The next one is going in your head.''

He said another club member, Jamie Ciardi, 35, urged Mr Oulds to put another one, meaning a shot, into Mr Ashworth, while a third member, Ahmet Dogan, 41, later dropped him to the hospital for treatment and stole his ute.

Mr Oulds this morning pleaded not guilty to one count each of assault causing Mr Ashworth grievous bodily harm with intent and bodily harm.

Mr Lehan said after being shot Mr Ashworth saw Mr Oulds holding a "black gun''  that  "looked massive to him'' and that when he tried to stand his "leg snapped from under him'' .

He said as Mr Dogan pinned Mr Ashworth to the ground and punched him in the head, Mr Oulds appeared to wave the gun about as "if trying to get a clear shot'' at Mr Ashworth.

Mr Lehane said Mr Ashworth, after being taken to hospital, initially lied to police about the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

He said Mr Ashworth originally told police he was injured during a random shooting as he was leaving work.

The jury was told while Mr Ashworth was in hospital members of the gang allegedly involved in the attack tried to have him sign a statement claiming he had shot himself.

The trial before Judge Hugh Botting continues.


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