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Bikie gang sets up in Burleigh

Robyn Wuth   |  08:55am December 13, 2012



THE Hells Angels have recruited a former Queensland police detective to their feeder club as the notorious bikie gang opens its new charter in the heart of the Gold Coast.

The brazen move to establish a Hells Angels clubhouse in Burleigh -- the heart of Bandido territory -- has gone unchallenged.

It will also see the Hells Angels move as many of their Tradelink Drive members as possible from Browns Plains to the Gold Coast, leaving the northern patch to their feeder club, the Red Devils.

The new charter has been officially "welcomed to the family" on the Hells Angels international homepage, alongside Spain and Rome, as the club continues its global expansion.

Senior police were yesterday stunned that a former Brisbane-based detective had been recruited to the one per cent club, Red Devils.

Under club laws, the detective can never be a patched member of the Hells Angels but the officer's inside knowledge on the Queensland Police Service will be "invaluable" to the gang.

The Hells Angels have actively cultivated links with former police officers.

In July, the Bulletin revealed a former member of Taskforce Hydra quit the anti-bikie squad to work for the law firm that represents the Hells Angels.

Nick Crawford, a former detective sergeant with the elite Hydra taskforce, joined Brisbane's Rostron Carlyle Solicitors, which acts for the outlaw motorcycle group.

Senior police feared Mr Crawford would expose to senior Hells Angels the inner workings of Hydra and the methodology it used to investigate gangs.

"This is the way the Hells Angels operate," police said.

"They recruit key people that they believe they can use to the club's advantage.

"It's a calculated move on their part, make no mistake."

The detective holds a senior role in the Red Devils which are poised to take over the Tradelink Drive territory.

"The Red Devils is much like the 66's for the Finks," police said.

"Anyone can join and anyone can wear their gear. It's a supporter club.

"Once you join as a member of the club you can move through its hierarchy and potentially join the main club."

Police confirmed the clubhouse was expected to officially open this weekend.

The former workshop has been heavily fortified and security cameras installed around the premises.

Two senior Sydney members of the Hells Angels are spearheading the push into the Gold Coast.

The pair are long-term members of the club and have been given "nomad" status -- no longer belonging to any one charter.

They have wide-ranging business interests, including gyms, a chain of tattoo parlours and a national haulage company.


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