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Police happy about charity riders


POLICE who intercepted 62 members of an outlaw motorcycle club during their charity ride were happy to find none of them were riding under the influence.

Police intercepted members of the Outcasts Motorcycle Club en masse on their annual charity ride yesterday.

John Mccutcheon

POLICE who intercepted 62 members of an outlaw motorcycle club during their annual charity ride on the Coast yesterday were happy to find none of them were riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Operation Intrepid saw police stop Outcasts Motorcycle Club members and other participants in the Sunshine Coast's second annual Labour Day Freedom Ride at Bokarina about 11am.

Several club members were spotted wearing colours.

Sunshine Coast police Inspector Keith Scultz said the Outcasts Motorcycle Club would have been aware its members were to be targeted yesterday.

But he said there was more to the operation than focusing on outlaw motorcycle gangs.

“It is also about road safety issues where we have an excess of motorcycle riders feature in our road fatality statistics,” Insp Schultz said.

“We are disappointed about the number of motorcyclists who have featured in our road fatalities this year and we are focused in making all people aware of the dangers.”

Insp Schultz said six people were picked up for defective vehicles and 24 traffic infringement tickets were issued.



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Posted by Prickle from Australia, None

01 May 2011 12:26 p.m. | Suggest removal | Post reply

As an Independant rider that actually attended this ride I would like to ask the person who wrote this article where they received the misguided information from. What actually happened is this. The police blocked the streets from the starting point, so as they could herd us to where they where waiting, we didnt even travel 1 kilometre
Those numbers are totally incorrect, unless they regard everyone that attended to be Patched members. The majority where social club members and independent riders out for a ride in the country
For our safety my a**e, so this is the latest catch cry from the authorities hey. I know i am sick to death of that response as im sure many others are, hey the police can breath test ,drug test, rego checks and do machinery checks i dont have a problem with that, but it seems to only be happening on these type of rides cause over my riding/driving life it only happens on the very odd occasion
But when has it been for our safety to have our bikes photographed from every angle and our liscence photographed next to our rego label and to be asked if we have tattoos and if they could see them and to be forced to have our photographs taken with bike all this compiled on a report sheet, what the hell does that have to do with anyones safety. Lies, lies, lies.


Posted by Prickle from Australia, None

01 May 2011 12:28 p.m. | Suggest removal | Post reply

This the remainder of what is written above

This is just plainly and simple discrimination of the highest order, i can remember once in history there was this type of discrimination and it was carried out by the Nazi's against you know who
Its time for action against this type of blatant harassment, its time all our voices are heard, not just in print but in real life, its time to fill the politicians inboxs and stand on the steps of Parliment houses around the country and tell them we have had a gutfull of being treated as second class citizens and we do have rights and one of them is freedom to associate with whoeever we damn well please



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