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Premier Campbell Newman releases list of bikie gangs to be declared as criminal organisations under tough new laws

Well-known bikie clubs like the Bandidos, Hells Angels, Rebels and the Finks are on the 26-strong list about to be declared criminal organisations under tough new laws to be rushed through State Parliament this week.

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Their names appear alongside lesser known clubs such as the Muslim Brotherhood, the Iron Horsemen, Gladiators, Fourth Reich, Mob Shitters and Notorious - a club police believed was linked to a high-profile and unsolved Gold Coast murder.

"These are not lovable rascals and ruffians," Mr Newman said. "That's their spin. That's the way they've been trying to present themselves for many, many years.

"Nor are they just free spirits who love to ride motorcycles. They are criminals."

The website of the Iron Horsemen states the club is a "family" who
"take pride in their colours and their bros".



Bikies 'super jail' won't breach rights 1:45

The Queensland government says a new bikies-only 'super jail' will not breach human rights conventions.


Under the Criminal Law (Criminal Gangs Disruption) Amendment Bill, once declared a criminal organisation, members of the 26 clubs will be banned from attending their clubhouses and hanging out in groups of three or more.

They will also be banned from promoting or recruiting for their bikie clubs.

The legislation also identifies the location of about 40 clubhouses and properties from the Gold Coast to Townsville from which the bikies will be banned.

Mr Newman said the changes were expected to be in force from the end of the week.

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said the 26-strong list could grow to include new groups to stop bikies trying to get around the new laws.

"If they create a new gang, we can prescribe by declaration, after satisfying criteria based on police evidence and CMC evidence and some other criteria we are putting in the Bill, we can add them to the list," he said.

"If gangs hand in their colours and aren't criminal motorcycle gangs any more we can take them off the list."


Meet the villains: Bikie hit list revealed

The Rebels are on the Queensland Government’s “hit list”, below. Source: News Limited



Gangs declared criminal organisations:


• Bandidos

• Black Uhlans

• Coffin Cheaters

• Comancheros

• Finks

• Fourth Reich

• Gladiators

• Gypsy Jokers

• Hells Angels

• Highway 61

• Iron Horsemen

• Life and Death

• Lone Wolf

• Mobshitters

• Mongols

• Muslim Brotherhood Movement

• Nomads

• Notorious

• Odins Warriors

• Outcasts

• Outlaws

• Phoenix

• Rebels

• Red Devils

• Renegades

• Scorpions