Sam Ibrahim ... shot in the legs.

Sam Ibrahim ... shot in the legs. Photo: Lee Besford

THREE years after a dramatic split in the ranks of the Nomad bikie gang led to the formation of the Kings Cross-based crime group Notorious, the two clubs are set to join forces amid escalating violence between rival gang members.

The merger, aimed at increasing badly needed ''troops'' in Notorious's war with the Comanchero, is a motive being explored by gang squad police investigating Thursday night's drive-by shooting of Hassan ''Sam'' Ibrahim.

Mr Ibrahim, who had been president of the Nomads disbanded Parramatta chapter, was wounded in both legs outside his mother's Merrylands home.

Notorious has continued associations with the Ibrahim family.

Sam Ibrahim, the brother of Kings Cross night club entrepreneur John Ibrahim, and whose younger brother Fadi last year survived being shot several times outside his Castle Cove home, was rumoured to be set to re-form the Parramatta Nomad chapter, which he disbanded in 2007.

He was also rumoured to have negotiated a deal for the Nomads to welcome back former members who had joined Notorious, senior police and bikie sources say.

Sam Ibrahim's wounding on Thursday by a gunman in a light-coloured Mercedes, as he stood talking to his mother and Kings Cross security guard Semi ''Tongan Sam'' Ngata, followed an attack that morning on the Assylum Tattoos Studio in Mount Druitt.

A petrol bomb failed to explode after a black BMW was driven into the premises. It was the second attack in a year on the tattoo parlour associated with Comanchero master serjeant-at-arms Ian ''Clisso'' Clissold.

The tattoo parlour attack, believed to have been carried out by Notorious gang members, followed a machinegun attack in which more than 60 bullets were fired into the Doonside home of Notorious serjeant-at-arms Sabre Murad on Tuesday night. Mr Murad and his wife and child had left the property after he was shot in both legs while sitting on its verandah on November 29.

A man alleged to have fired six bullets at his ex-girlfriend's house was refused bail in Parramatta Local Court yesterday.

Police allege Ali Ramadan, 20, fired six shots in a drive-by shooting at Sylvester Avenue, Roselands, at 12.30am on Friday.

Magistrate Andrew George did not grant bail to Mr Ramadan, who will appear in Burwood Local Court on Wednesday, January 19.

And a 28-year-old Sydney man was reportedly shot once in the right knee when a car pulled up alongside him and a back-seat passenger pulled out a firearm in Busby on Friday.

He is in a stable condition in Fairfield Hospital.