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Victim's father turns on assassin

Darko Janceski

Darko Janceski in an image from his Facebook page. Picture: Facebook

A GUNMAN who shot dead an underworld figure in his front garden was attacked by the victim's father, who knocked him off his motorcycle, forcing him to flee without his gun and helmet.

Witnesses told how the father of former Comanchero outlaw motorcycle gang member Darko Janceski, 32, ripped out a metal stake from his garden and started bashing the attacker outside their home in Berkeley, near Wollongong.

It was the third time Mr Janceski, who had extensive criminal links, was targeted. He was shot in the upper thigh in February, and his family's home was firebombed in November last year.

A witness to the execution-style shooting in Gannet Ave, just after 5pm on Saturday, told how Mr Janceski's father attacked his son's killer.

"I saw his father grab a steel pole out of his garden and start belting the bloke on the bike," the witness said. "He got him a few times, enough to knock him off the bike and knock his helmet off."


The witness said the screaming pair continued to "punch on", until the gunman knocked the dead man's father to the ground and he lay there wounded.

"The guy got back on his bike and rode off over the grass hill. But he left his helmet and gun behind on the road," the witness said.

The father then ran to help his son, who a neighbour said was "gargling" on the lawn, until paramedics arrived.

Mr Janceski died on the way to Wollongong Hospital.

Prior to his death Mr Janceski, originally from Macedonia, was being investigated by police as part of strike force Calligan, set up to investigate two unsolved crimes - the 2011 murder of convicted cocaine dealer Saso Ristevski and the disappearance of another convicted drug dealer Goran Nikolovski.

Ristevski had only been out of jail for a year when he was executed in front of his parents at their home in Lake Heights, near Wollongong, while his former friend Nikolovski went missing just days after he was questioned over Ristevski's murder, and has not been seen since.

At Mr Janceski's home yesterday, a distraught woman, believed to be his mother, said the entire family was "devastated" by what had happened. "We are so sad, so sad," the woman said.

Detective Superintendent Wayne Starling said that police were confident they would find the person responsible for Mr Janceski's death.

"It's extremely sad. Nobody has the right to take another person's life like that. We will do everything we can to find this person, and put them before the court," he said.


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