Victim ... Anthony Zervas.

Victim ... Anthony Zervas.

A would-be Comanchero will be immediately released on parole after receiving a minimum nine-month jail term for his role in a fatal bikie brawl at Sydney Airport.

The man, who can't be named for legal reasons, is the first person to be sentenced over the March 2009 brawl between Hells Angels and Comanchero bikies in a domestic flight terminal, which left Anthony Zervas dead.

In sentencing the man in the NSW District Court today, Judge Colin Charteris said he had shown considerable courage in co-operating with authorities and has good reasons to be concerned about his safety.


The man, who was a nominee to become a Comanchero member at the time of the brawl, had pleaded guilty to affray and riot.

The judge gave him a 55 per cent discount for his guilty plea and his past and future help to authorities and set a maximum term of three years for both offences.

But he said he would take the extraordinary step of making the minimum term only 25 per cent of the head sentence.

He backdated the nine-month minimum term to take into account the six months the man had already served in protective custody and the three months spent on strict bail and ordered the man to be released on parole.