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Bikie death tributes suspicious, say police


A GEELONG outlaw bikie enforcer believed to have fled the state after rough justice from within his own ranks is being mourned by his Facebook friends.

However, police do not believe Tasman Marell, a former member of the Black Uhlans, is dead.

A police source said Marell was the Black Uhlan's sergeant-at-arms but about 10 days ago was booted out of the gang then taken to his home where he was allegedly bashed following accusations he owed large sums of money.

"He was then set-upon, handcuffed with plastic ties and bashed by about four members. He was severely bashed and as a result it's believed he has done a runner," the police source said.

"Marell was the one deciding when to go to war and what discipline would be dished out."

Marell wrote on his Facebook page on June 28, the day of the alleged bashing, at 10.30pm: "To all the mother ... that set me up I am coming back for you all. You took my life now I am coming for anything that you love."


Police members from the Echo Taskforce, a unit created to investigate outlaw motorcycle gang crime, executed four warrants on homes around Geelong last Friday in relation to the alleged bashing.

Four people were arrested and interviewed over the incident but no charges have been laid.

Police believe Marell may have fled to either Queensland or the Northern Territory after his beating.

A Coroners' Court spokesperson in both states on Friday said they had no record of Marell's death.

There is also no record of death in Victoria for Marell.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman on Friday told the Geelong Advertiser they had no information to confirm that Marell was dead.

"Police have made inquiries and believe this information (on Facebook) to be untrue," the spokeswoman said.

"If the community have information to the contrary they should advise Victoria Police and we will investigate."

Tributes on Marell's Facebook page reveal shock at his apparent death and described him as a loyal mate who was always there to help if needed and they would miss his cheeky smile.

Marell has a long rap sheet dating back to 1993 and has served several prison terms.

His most recent court appearance was last year when he received a six month jail term suspended for 18 months for several offences.

He was nabbed in Geelong after driving erratically and after police searched his car they found drugs, a wad of cash, knuckleduster and slingshot.

A raid at his Hamlyn Heights home later netted more drugs, cash and firearms.

Victoria Police in May unveiled the Echo Taskforce in a bid to crackdown on outlaw bikie gangs and their links to organised crime, firearms, drug activity, illegal links to the alcohol industry and brothels.

A huge police contingent, with officers on the roads and in the sky, special response teams and mounted police, descended on Geelong in June for the funeral of a a Black Uhlans bikie who died in a motorbike crash.


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