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Criminals use Facebook to taunt police, ask visitors to bring drugs


Inmates are using Facebook to request drugs from friends and taunt authorities / File

JAILED bikies and other prisoners are using Facebook to boast about their easy ride in prison, abuse authorities and request drugs from visitors.

Inmates are regularly updating their details on the social networking site while serving time for crimes such as vicious assaults.

A heavily tattooed Finks bikie recently updated his Facebook profile with a series of bare-chested photographs of himself behind bars at the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre.

He was dubbed the "internet bikie" after police accused him of luring recruits online, and he has lived up to the nickname with regular prison updates for his more than 400 friends.

"Woohoooo! monday, another lovely day in jail," he wrote last month.

One of his Facebook friends is Aaron Drew Scheers, a former Lone Wolf bikie jailed in March for 16 years for cutting off a man's ears over a disputed drug debt.

Scheers turned to Facebook in February to tell hundreds of friends that he would not let prison get the better of him.

"HELLO to all from my little cell i call home for now ... you are all true friends so thankyou from the bottom of my heart," he wrote on an open section of his profile.

One prisoner facing a murder charge, who cannot be named for legal reasons, last week used Facebook to urge a friend to visit him in Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre.

"Come to jail and f------ spend a bit of time with me aye haha. Make sure ur ass is loaded with drugs haha."

Prisoners are banned from using the internet, but the Corrective Services department says it is powerless to stop relatives and friends updating Facebook profiles on behalf of inmates.

Some prisoners may also be using smuggled mobile phones to update their sites.

The Homicide Victims' Support Group said it was "highly inappropriate" for prisoners to be able to maintain Facebook sites and called for a review of prison cyber policies.

"It's a slap in the face for victims," the group's chief executive Jannette Brown said.

Finks bikie Dion Spizzirri, jailed for 18 months over a police chase, regularly updated his Facebook page before his release from Borallon prison a fortnight ago.

"Chillin like a villain in the boorallin holiday inn!!" Spizzirri wrote in March.

Spizzirri kept friends updated on his attempts to quit smoking and his progress in the prison gym. "10 days no cigarettes. i rock. cigarettes suck! jail rulz," he wrote.

Last month, he celebrated his impending release with the message: "yee ha! getting out next week! party party party. everyone run and hide! cos spizza is gonna be on the loose!"

Finks bikie Shane Scott Bowden, jailed for shooting a rival gang member in the "ballroom blitz" brawl at a Gold Coast kickboxing event, has a MySpace profile, this month updated with the message: "FREE ALL FINKS!!"

Prisoner Nathan Rickards, an associate of the Finks, vents his anger at police through Facebook. "Suck shit you filfey coppers ill be out in 6 months you dirty dogs," his site reads.


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