Rebels member said 'I think I got one' after Bandido shot, court told

Ross Brand

Bandidos gang member Ross Brand was killed in  October 2008 / Daily Telegraph Source: Herald Sun

A REBELS bikie member on trial for the shooting murder of a rival Bandido said, "I think I got one'' as he was driven from the scene, a jury heard today.

Prosecutor Chris Ryan SC said John Bedson used a .22 calibre rifle to shoot at four men standing outside the Whittington clubhouse of the Bandidos from the rear of a twin-cab utility.

He said one bullet hit Bandido member Ross Brand, 51, in the side of his forehead and another man, Paul Szerwinski, was hit in the upper thigh and left wrist.

Mr Brand, 51, died the following day in the Alfred Hospital, while Mr Szerwinski survived.

Mr Ryan said they would hear evidence from the driver of the utility, who said that after he stopped near the Bandidos clubhouse he looked in the rear view mirror and saw Mr Bedson put a bandana over his face.

The driver then heard what sounded like firecrackers going off and saw Mr Bedson with the rifle at his shoulder.

Mr Ryan said that after the shooting Mr Bedson said "go, go'' and then "I think I got one''.

The Supreme Court jury viewed CCTV footage of the shooting which lasted a few seconds and Mr Ryan told them they would be able to watch it frame by frame.

"You will be surprised how quick a life can be snuffed out,'' he said.

Mr Bedson, 26, of Ocean Grove, has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and attempted murder and alternative charges of unlawfully causing serious injury and recklessly endangering life.

The shooting occurred on October 22, 2008, the day of the Geelong Cup.

Opening the Crown case, Mr Ryan said the shooting stemmed from an altercation between members of the Rebels and Bandidos and associates at the Cup.

Later that day, the accused's brother, Derrick Bedson, was seen to be angry and agitated about what had happened at Geelong racecourse.

Derrick Bedson had a rendezvous with John Bedson at Buckleys Tabaret in Boundary Rd and they left together in the utility with the driver.

Mr Ryan said John Bedson had nothing in his hand when he entered the utility and the rifle must have already been in the vehicle.

The trial before Justice Elizabeth Curtain is continuing.