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Man linked to outlaw bikie gangs and corrupt police officer comes under fire in drive-by shooting

Mick Mantzaris

Mick Mantzaris at Andrew Veniamin's funeral. Picture: Trevor Pinder Source: Herald Sun


A MAN linked to outlaw bikie gangs and a corrupt police officer has come under fire in a drive-by shooting.

The Doveton home of Mick Mantzaris, who featured on the cover of the book Leadbelly standing outside a gangland funeral, was peppered with bullets early on Monday.

It is understood his family were inside but not hurt.

Last year the Herald Sun reported Mr Mantzaris - a bodybuilder with connections to corrupt former police officer Andrew Tait - was savagely clubbed by Comanchero bikies in his driveway. The burly bouncer has been linked to both the Comancheros and Rebels motorcycle gangs.

Mr Mantzaris told the Herald Sun he had become the victim of unwanted media attention.

"Mr Mantzaris is not co-operating with police at all," he said yesterday.


But Detective Superintendent Peter De Santo said Mr Mantzaris was co-operating with police over the attack.

Police investigate bikie links in shooting

"The victim ... we believe is an associate of some outlaw motorcycle gang members but not a direct member himself, and we're pretty confident it was not related to outlaw motorcycle gang activity," he said.

Mr Mantzaris said he was resilient, but he would not comment on the circumstances of the attack.

The attack on the fortress-like home came just days after up to 30 rounds were fired into the Hells Angels' newest clubhouse.

Police yesterday warned warring motorcycle gangs to call a ceasefire.

Supt De Santo said police were aware of talk of retaliatory attacks and warned warring Hells Angels and Bandidos to lay down arms.

"We're aware of other gangs associated with these clubs and they need to be aware that they are being monitored closely. We will not stand by and watch this happen," he said.

"We are asking the senior office bearers of those clubs and also the senior members of those clubs to reconsider this and to think carefully. Victoria Police does not want feuding gangs on our streets.

"We do not want innocent bystanders injured by those with a reckless disregard for others' safety.

We will come down heavily on any of those who take matters into their own hands."


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