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Bikie crackdown is taking its toll on local business

TOOWOOMBA Harley-Davidson dealer Boyd Yung is still coming to terms with what new anti-bikie laws will mean for his business.

Mr Yung has called on the motorcycle industry to rally as a unified body against the Queensland Government's escalating war on outlaw motorcycle gangs.

The crackdown on a few, he warned, could tarnish the industry and drive away social riders.

"I see my customers getting pulled over, being questioned by police and they're just people travelling," Mr Yung said.

"It all sounds good on the surface, but look a bit deeper.

"It's an erosion of democratic process for law-abiding citizens who happen to ride a motorbike."

Mr Yung fears a growing reluctance of riders to subject themselves to continuous roadside meetings with police would damage the Harley-Davidson brand in Queensland.

"Does Campbell Newman realise how many people have an awful lot of money invested in the motorcycle industry, how many people we employ and how many taxes we raise?" he asked.

Online comments

If you don't want to be judged, then clean up your act and dress like everyday "good" civilians. Ever heard the saying "I am an individual"? Well, don't act and dress like bikies just to be a member of their chapter.

- Jacintabrown496


What exactly is a criminal gang? Are a mob of tree huggers holding up a bulldozer a criminal gang? A football team down the pub wearing club colours or a mob of kids at the coast for schoolies? I was under the impression that in Australia everyone was equal under the law and everyone was innocent until proven guilty, under the law.

- Davemck, Newtown


It's quite a simple solution really! Just hand in your patch and you get to keep your businesses and jobs and you also can still enjoy riding socially with your friends. Real men don't need to belong in Gangs to be tough and it is also teaching your children/grandchildren that they can part of a productive society without joining gangs as well. Win win situation.

- Jackyb, Minden


What purpose do bikie 'gangs' have in society? Distribution of firearms and illicit substances? Threaten, harm and intimidate young 'criminals' or use their street 'credibility' to muscle around?

- Rebecca Santillan


Funny when young junkie crims commit crimes the system rehabilitates them and helps them get a job. This gentlemen and many like him have jobs, pay taxes, contribute to society yet they're told they can't have a job/run a business so how is he expected to support himself and his family. It's blatant discrimination. Employers are told they must consider all races, religions, ages, sexuality based on their merits, but in this case you can't employ someone based on their social alliances. That's discrimination, and THAT is against the law.

- Tanka Dieckmann


If they are not doing anything illegal it shouldn't be a problem??? Everyone who has a licence can be pulled over and put on a breathalyser whether they have been drinking or not! Simple - don't break the law!

- Natalie Jane McEwan