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Australian bikies infiltrate NZ city

Posted November 19, 2011 12:17:07

New Zealand police believe a notorious Australian motorcycle gang is trying to "hustle" into the city of Christchurch.

About 40 members of The Rebels are expected to arrive in Christchurch today where they will meet with other local gang members.

Police say the gang has been trying to establish itself in New Zealand since the beginning of the year.

Detective Inspector Greg Williams says police will be out in force this weekend for the gathering.

"This is a common process by motorcycle gangs, these coming together for a variety of reasons," he said.

"We'll police this, looking to identify any offences, making sure that they're not driving under intoxication."

Detective Inspector Williams says police have already seen violence in the lead-up to The Rebels arriving.

"There was an attack on a premises in Ashburton and last weekend we had a molotov thrown at an address associated to the rebels," he said.

"This is the sort of activity that happens when these sorts of gangs try and hustle into our area.

"Patched members I think we're only sort of hearing about three or four, but that's what the gang does.

"My understanding is that they'll hand out patches to every man and their dog and try to see who's standing at the end, and that sort of establishes the gang.

"But you know, it's our intention here to make it difficult for them to be here."


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