A police warning had little impact on a motorcycle gang member who taunted officers by performing a wheelie following a dressing down in Victoria's north-east.

The 55-year-old Tasmanian man's bike was confiscated and impounded for 30 days after the stunt on the Hume Highway near Seymour this morning.

Police converged on the bikie gang, believed to be the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, after several complaints from drivers that the gang was blocking the highway.

Officers intercepted a group of the riders near Wangaratta and another near Wodonga about 9.30am and warned the bikers to ride carefully.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman said "officers shook their head in disbelief" when one of the gang members then "performed a wheel stand as he rode from the location".

The man is expected to receive a summons to appear at Wangaratta Magistrates Court for traffic offences.